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Real Quotes From Real Kids (II)

As the darlings grow older, it’s harder to write about them. For some odd reason, they do not like me playing paparazzi to their every move and then posting their stories online for the whole world to read (how weird.) If I post a picture, I now have to ask permission. Oh, the funny stories that have fallen to the wayside…

Family privacy thing has plunged me into frequent blog crisis. After many months of deliberation, I came up with three categories I most like to write about: Happiness, Habits, and Health. (not to worry, the cherubs will still make frequent appearance.)

Real Quotes from Real Kids goes provides a compromise. They say things. I write them down and post anonymously. Sometimes even they can’t remember who said what (I have it filed away for future reference.)

I believe this post belongs in the Happiness category. Although, sometimes these quotes are not always funny or sweet or happy at all. But that’s real life, right?

Can you guess who said what? (I’m sorry, but I’m sworn to secrecy!)

The Top Ten:

1. “I’ve been nice for 5 days! I can’t be nice anymore – I’m OUT OF NICE!”

2. “I just want some processed American cheese. Is that so wrong?”

3. “Shoot high, hit low…that’s how I get exactly what I want!” (child negotiating bedtime. should I be concerned at the manipulation or impressed at the brilliance?)

4. “How would you like it if someone just wrecked your house because it was too close to his house? That is NOT OKAY!” (oh dear, the beaver indignance.)

5. “Why do you like running so much? Don’t you like, need to chase something? Like a ball???”

6. “Mama, this is nice toilet paper! I can’t wait to poop!”

7. “Well…your preference is wrong!” (we’re working on tolerating others’ opinions.)

8. “Mama, you’re my bestie.” (best quote on this page)

9. “There’s chocolate on my jeans! I didn’t even eat chocolate…double unfairness!”

10. “When I get married I want to come home and find my husband reading books to the our kids…and the best part is I can totally see all of my Uncles doing that.” (nice)

One of these quotes was actually said by dear husband. Can you guess which one?

Part I was back Here. I think this might become “a regular thing.” ’cause they just keep talking!

I hope you’re recording all the funny things you hear. At the very least, it serves as good blackmail and as a future record that you didn’t make this stuff up!

Have a marvelous weekend!



Best of April

It might not be #royalbaby news, but here’s our April “best of.” We’re staying busy on this speeding train called #lifewithkids unnamed-32My boy turned 14. It’s staggering. Cause yesterday he looked like this:unnamed-38And now he’s going to high school orientation. Good thing he knows Edna, the cookie queen. I’ve many spies employed.unnamed-16 unnamed-7 The highlight of my boy’s life was getting a post card from soccer hero Clint Dempsey. Like, best day EVER! He’s been waiting since last November and had all but given up hope. If I ever get fan mail, I shall be prompt 🙂

The boy is such a good sport:unnamed-10Cake courtesy of Grandma Heather, a boy’s dream: #meatandpotatoes and surrounded by girls, girls, and more girls. At least he has his dad and his dog. And the pink bunny ears.

Another highlight: the passports came. Because we’ve been at Hogwarts for so long, my husband’s summer sabbatical arrived! #Europe! I could write a whole post on the complexities and headaches of getting passports for six. Never mind. #exciting!unnamed-6

In my quest for greater inner calm, I read this fabulous book:unnamed-12 Brynne said, “A New York Times Bestseller? It’s about CLEANING!” Oh, it’s a gem. Post coming.

unnamed-1 In my quest for greater organization, I procured this free filing cabinet and spray painted it “farm equipment yellow.” The professor does not understand my choices.

I then used a label maker for the first time. #hooked.unnamed-2 unnamed-14 Anna, my 84-year-old friend passed down these hand-blown hand-painted bunny eggs made in her home country, Germany.  #donttouch

Easter was filled with lots of cousins, TWO grandmas, and General Conference #loveunnamed-24 And this #peep cakeunnamed-8 Good thing I’m still drinking my smoothies every morning. #nirvanaunnamed-17#whoopsy

unnamed-33Paige begged and begged for this green bok choy. Thrilled, I congratulated myself on being such a nutritiously-minded mother who has raised her children well. “You’re sure you’ll eat it?” Actually no. “I want it because It’s such a cool fan!” I didn’t buy it.

unnamed-11 My wonderful Ma came to visit. She cleans, tells stories, and pushes my cart.unnamed-28 And plays with apps.unnamed-15 Did you know YouTube has the most amazing hair tutorials?unnamed-26 Here’s my Anatomy & Physiology class. We are studying the reproductive system. Nothing like the real thing right in front of you! My panel of experts were awesome – and hopefully my teens will not have sex 🙂 Just saying’.

I love this Instagram account, Humansofny. This one, oh this one:unnamed-23 unnamed-22

I follow this one too. Breaks my heart:unnamed-4 unnamed-27The news breaking story: snow is actually melting in New Hampshire. Paige “snow” #thenamethatshallnotbenamedpuddle bootsWe can say “puddles.”

unnamed-13 And yellow and orange-flowered pantsunnamed-19 And running shoes! We are back outside in the dark o’clock wee hours of the morning. With Asics. #happyunnamed-18 My running buddy ran the Boston Marathon this year. And makes me want to run something big again. Very inspiring.


Brother Glenn ran the London Marathon and sends me texts. Do I want to commit to a marathon? #indecisiveunnamed-31 My Brynnie-boo ran in her first track meet. The heart can hardly take it.unnamed-30 The 5th grade 4×4 relay!unnamed-29 My boy handing off the baton. #love

unnamed-21 Good weather brings out the pioneer clothes and outdoor eating. What? You don’t do that?unnamed-20 unnamed-3 The Sky Guy can get a bit show-offy sometimes.unnamed-9 Tenny contemplates the vastness of the universe

This isn’t really happening: #collegeplanningunnamed-5

But this is acceptable:_DSC0911-L Going all #ham 🙂 (no mom, you can’t say that.)unnamed-36 She scored (and I got there a minute later) #sigh


How was your month? Did you write is all down, too?