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Great Outdoors/Chickens

What a fabulous weekend we just had.  The weather was perfect and we had some good down time to watch conference with grandparents.  I took lots of fall pictures when we went for a mid-afternoon walk but haven’t uploaded yet.  The colors around here have completely changed since these were taken.
Here’s a few pictures from the last few weeks…
We finally put the chicken fence back up but our roaming chickens still want to be free.  Everytime we catch one and throw it over the fence another one flies out!  Did you know chickens can fly?  Well they can.
Brynne is still the master chicken catcher.  I told her I’d give her a treat for every chicken she caught.  Her eyes lit up, “chicken noodle soup?”  You know, the Campbell’s kind?  My kids think this is heaven-sent.  Whatever.  Chicken Noodle Soup it is!
The things I do with my time…it’s not really something I would have foreshadowed, this whole chicken thing.  The white are my favorite – the Aracouna.  They lay blue eggs.
Here is baby Kora and doggy.  Since I don’t have a crawling baby (I love crawling babies!) I have to take pictures of other people’s crawling babies.
The trees behind these chickens are now orange and red and yellow.  Breathtaking.  Every year.
Isn’t it nice when the kids actually play a game all together?  Here we have a tea party.
This year we got one pumpkin.  It grew in Brynne’s patch.  The only one.  She was pretty thrilled.  It didn’t get any bigger than this and it now sits on our porch.  She calls it “baby.”
Our friend’s, the Johnson’s, just got these El Pacas.  For pets.  Really.  Don’t they look like Dr. Seuss characters?

Life is good on a swing
Theatrics on the swing
Coaching Cope’s soccer team again this year.  Lots of fun, lots of time.  We’ve lost our last 4 games but attitudes are still good.  It would be nice to have a win though.  Cope loves playing sweeper.  Wow – what a difference a year makes.
I took the girls on a mother-daughter camp-out a few weekends ago.  Our friend Nora was there too.  It was fun except I was really tired and wanted to go to bed at 9.  Staying up until midnight, running through the woods, playing pranks on my friends?  That used to be the best at girl’s camp!  
But now?  I just wanted to go to bed.  I think this is a bad sign.
It was fun to see the girls run through the woods
Then they all made a necklace.  Those teeny tiny fingers worked some magic.
On the way home my tire was low so I pulled into some back-country garage where some nice men discovered a nail in the tire!  They fixed it for $10 and we were on our way again.  Count my many blessings.  How many miles on the highway was I driving with a nail in my tire?
So, life is good in the great outdoors.  Hope you are enjoying some foliage too!

The "Big ‘un"

The rodeo in Oakley Utah was one of my favorite nights.  I loved the whole thing!  The last time I was at a rodeo was in Rexburg Idaho with my roommates and I wish my scanner was working to upload that picture!  Cowboy hats, cowgirl boots…

But first a little pre-rodeo texting.  Internet wasn’t working out at the campsite so the boys had to get their fix when they could.
The announcer was hilarious.  When a rider was thrown off he’d say, “Whoa big’un!”
The rodeo attracts all types
These guys were the real deal.  They had the formidable job of getting the cowboy off the bull before he was stomped on, maimed, killed, ya know, regular stuff like that.

Baby Ava with her daddy Patrick, my baby brother.

Ain’t no rodeo without no rodeo queen.  Not only can this girl (Jamie) ride but she’s got some smarts.  Going to college to eventually become a doctor, specializing in pediatric craniofacial deformities.  Uh-huh, go on girl!

This rodeo we were at was a big ‘un.  Competitors were nationally ranked bull-riders hoping to place and win some money.   I was trying to imagine what my parents would have said if I brought Gregor home and told them he was a bull-rider on the rodeo circuit.
Gregor and Eric like that idea.
After a darn good rodeo we spent the night in our tents and headed out.
We got home on Saturday afternoon and went out on the town Saturday night with Herb and Laurine.  Party animals.
It was almost the 4th of July!  I love the 4th.  The kids stayed home and the adults went to Holiday and listened to really loud music with gigantic fireworks bursting overhead.  Great show!
The crowd was huge but Eric was feelin’ it and wasn’t embarrassed to show it.  Such patriotism!

The best song of the night was Neil Diamond’s “Coming to America.”  Allison couldn’t contain herself either.  Love it!!!
Hey, the night was young.  How about a midnight showing of “Eclipse”?  First some ice-cream.
I debated whether or not I should go but decided vacation was all about late nights and too much ice-cream.  Eric and Patrick weren’t allowed into the girl’s night (and they refused to go) but Gregor came out with the girls and rooted for Jacob.  Still have not seen the 2nd one but I really liked this movie!  Sorry Edward, you just don’t do it for me.  I’m a wolf fan now.

Camping in Oakley Utah

This was supposed to be a post on camping AND the rodeo but I had too many pictures.  This is a much scaled down version of what I could have done!  What a blast we had with the whole family – except for Petey.  He had to start his oral surgery internship in NYC so he couldn’t fly out.  We missed him a lot!  His wife Allison came out though.  She’s such a superstar?  Here we go…

Heading out Thursday morning.  The three oldest cousins:  Savannah, Cope, and Esme.  Three was not a crowd here.  They got a long perfectly.
Paige goes camping in style:  a tutu and a zorro mask
Oakley is just past the picturesque Park City.  A teeny tiny Utah town.  Gregor said, “Maybe we should retire here.”  Progress!
We set up camp – tents! and explored a river

The river had a strong enough current to float right down
Grandma helps Caleb – “Cubby”
Eric “helps” Patrick
Eric and Curt try to “help” Patrick again
Cassie and brother Eric
Grandpa and Paige.  Paige didn’t feel well but loves her Grandpa.
Nelson lived by the fire the whole weekend
Andrea with baby Trey
Patrick and Eric have always made Gregor feel right at home
Ahhh… Every time I look at this picture I crack up
The babies
Ava (Patrick and Natalie’s) and Paige feed Tenny
Curt taught us the art of dutch oven cooking.  Yum!
Allison tries out her skills
There was a little cabin for cousin socializing
Gregor took some kids out canoeing but the wind was so strong they almost didn’t make it back
The boys give it a try with Savannah and Esme

My dad
Eric gives Nellie some one on one time – Nelson loves his uncles
Ava and Natalie
A very Huck Finn moment.  The kids spent hours at this pond.
The cousins
I don’t know how, but I got the BEST sisters-in-law.  On both sides, I got the best!  Allison is making me laugh here.
Going camping with the family was great.  I highly recommend it!