Hi, I’m Amy Makechnie, mom to the four darlings above – who have grown a bit too much since first posting this – and wife to Gregor, who I sometimes refer to as “The Professor” for his love of mystifying words.

I write this Maisymak blog and am the author of The Unforgettable Guinevere St. Clair, a middle grade novel that was published in June 2018, after over a decade of trying, crying, giving up, and starting again – dreams come true, my friends, if you persist!

Like Guinevere, I grew up in the midwest, among the corn and vast plains (really, the suburbs of Omaha, but let’s romanticize). Also like Guinevere, my young pals and I once tried to sail to the Mississippi on a large piece of styrofoam (we didn’t make it. after two miles of drifting we fell off and had to walk home dripping wet.)

After attending Brigham Young University, graduating from the college of Health and Human Performance, and minoring in English, The Professor and I drove across the country in a yellow hatchback Nissan Sentra that went no faster than 55mph to work at a prep school (think Hogwarts meets Dead Poet’s Society) where we were instant dormitory parents to twelve teenage boys (and a couple of squirrels in the wall).

We’re still here (!) in a small New Hampshire town where I make up stories (often based on real life and my superior eavesdropping skills :)) and mother a wily flock of children, chickens, and one dignified miniature schnauzer named “Lord Tennyson.” Cows are in the future. As a lover of all things human body, I get my fix teaching anatomy & physiology, dissecting hearts, and memorizing long anatomical words.

Whew. That’s a lot about me. What about you? Hit Reply or leave a comment.

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