Ann M. Cannon (1869-1948)
(seated row, third from right)

Ann Mousley Cannon was known to be a woman of “cultural and literary discernment, as well as business acumen.”

Extremely interested in education, Cannon studied literature at the University of Deseret (University of Utah), graduating at at 17. She dedicated her life to her community, her family (she never married), and her aging parents.

She served in many visible positions within her church community, including FORTY-SIX YEARS on the Young Ladies Mutual Improvement Society.

Twice Cannon represented the board as a delegate to the National Council of Women, working directly with national women’s right leader and friend to Utah women, Susan B. Anthony.

Along with being an advocate for women, Cannon was also an incredibly spiritual woman who often spoke about prayer.

“The subject of prayer is one dear to me. I know that prayer can lift the greatest burdens and rest the weary. Nothing else can give such perfect relief. Even the falling of a tear is a prayer. There are times in the lives of all when we need extra strength and comfort. Be not discouraged in praying again and again for the same thing. God understands our needs, and he will bless us in his own way. The power in prayer seems to me much like that of electricity. As the wire is the conductor of the electric current, so, it seems to me, is prayer the channel through which inspiration comes to man.”

-Ann M. Cannon

Source: At the Pulpit, Reeder and Holbrook


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