I am astounded at how similar my “favorite things” list is to Oprah’s! Just kidding. I haven’t quite caught up to her level of gift giving, but here are ten things I’m loving – and make great gifts.

1. Coconut Oil. Can’t.Get.Enough. It’s not always this brand. It’s often supermarket or Trader Joe’s. I spoon it into little tupperware containers for the shower. Hair, face, body. Won’t clog pores. Anti-bacterial. Smells SO GOOD. Leaves the best softness. And hey, if you don’t like it on your body, you can fry an egg with it!

2. Garnier’s BB Cream, Miracle Skin Perfector. I’ve tried a lot of tinted moisturizers, many more expensive. I always come back to this! You can find in most drugstores.

3. Anti Aging Facial Serum. The list of all-natural essential oils makes me and my skin happy. It also smells divine. Support a small-business owner by ordering this bestseller! I’ve had mine almost a year and it’s still not gone.

4. LOreal’s Mascara Primer. I usually pair the LOreal mascara with it, but my puny lashes loooove this under many brands. YAY for luscious lashes.

5. Double Wrap Necklace, Made By Mary. My sweet children bought this for me for Mother’s Day and I wear it almost every day. Mine has the heart on it, but we are drooling over the flower prints…high quality, great price.

6. Allbirds claims to be the world’s most comfortable shoe – that might be true! These all-wool loungers are fabulous. I have the marine blue tree loungers and are coveting more styles and colors.

7. Garmin Watch. Oh, Garmin, how do I love thee? THIS WATCH. No matter where you go in the world, you can track distance, time, and mileage. You can bike, run, and swim in it. You can pair it with Strava, program runs, sync online, even get email and text notifications (mine is off b/c WHY?!) Watch for Black Friday and Groupon sales. I have the Forerunner 230. SUCH A GREAT WATCH. It will inspire you and your peeps to move!

8. Flip Belt. Another great running/walking accoutrement. Fits snugly against your waist and has three pockets big enough for your phone, snack, & credit card. Doesn’t bounce. Comes in so many fun colors!

9. Pentel Energel Pens, Paper Mate Ink Joy Pens, and Paper Mate Felt Tip Pens. Oh, I adore PENS. I couldn’t choose just one, so I chose my three favorite 🙂 #penproblems.

10. Winsor and Newton Watercolor Set. Beautiful paints, a step up from the $2 Crayola pallet. Once you have the color, you’ll want the quality paper. Then the brushes. So much art to be made! I wish I was painting everyday, but alas. It remains a goal to learn learn learn…

These are a few of my favorite things. I hope something catches your eye for yourself or someone you love – and that there are delightful shrieks when unwrapping. Giving or opening a surprise gift is a favorite moment of mine, whether that moment is under the tree or just because. Enjoy!

Coming up? Favorite books to give!



  • Leanne Goeschel says:

    Amy, did you do those two anatomy ptints? Wow, they are magnificent, so glad you are painting.

  • Leanne Goeschel says:

    Amy, I hate autocorrect because it changed “paintings” to prints . Annoying.

  • Julia Tomiak says:

    Your painting is GORGEOUS. How do you find time to do everything you do? I love the same pens, the same mascara primer, and coconut oil. (Although hubby the doctor says he’s heard it’s not good to cook with, daughter and I use it for moisturizing). I use an expensive BB cream (Rodan and Fields) and love it, along with the REDEFINED regimen. Perhaps when I use up my current bottle I should try this economically friendly alternative.
    Feeling the need to buy some pens…

  • Nina says:

    I love your suggestions! Always things I wouldn’t have known to consider.

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