This week a friend quoted David Wagoner’s poem, LOST, to me. I scribbled the words on the grocery list so I would remember. This is what it’s like to have a conversation with me: wait, wait, wait, say that again. Slowly. I’m writing this down!

And the grocery list looks like: milk, yogurt, eggs, poem that will change my life, beets, toothbrush…

This friend has had a MUCH harder journey the last few years than I, yet he remains cheerful and always kind.

When he’s going through hard times, he thinks about this poem…

“When you’re lost, stand still. The forest already knows where you are.”

Isn’t that beautiful?

The forest is sometimes just the forest, and that can be healing by itself.

The forest is also the people who love you, who are there for you. They know where you are. It’s our Heavenly Father. He knows where you are. It’s the angels on this side of the veil and on the other. They know where you are.

Stand still.

They know where you are.

Sometimes you have to ask.

And then stand still. The forest knows where you are.

Happy Monday.



  • Julia says:

    This is perfect..thank you for sharing for I am lost…

  • Cindy says:

    Beautiful. Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers…❤️

  • Dianne Klabechek says:

    Keeping your family In Our prayers as you traverse this rocky path.

  • Kim says:

    Well that was timely and beautifully written. Thank you, Amy.

  • Danielle says:

    Such wise words to ponder and at such a significant time for you and your family! Thank you for writing them down to share with us ❤️
    This also makes me think of your “Sunday Trees” you always reference and although they are not lost or in a forest….they are always rooted in the same place where they are being watched (loved) as they bend and change or even stand still for all the different weather they experience. They are always beautiful and loved in all their seasons and no matter how bare they get they always come back to their full glory!

  • Julia Tomiak says:

    This is beautiful, Amy! Thank you for being such an avid observer and for sharing your observations with us. We are better for it. 😉

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