I’m a little lost, bereft, adrift without my morning smoothie. It sets me up to run, think, write, stay full, and feel all-around GOOD. There are tons of recipes and it’s definitely good to mix it up, but I supposed I’m getting stuck in my ways.

If I have the ingredients, I have the same smoothie almost every day:

Water base

1 Avocado 🥑 

1 small Beet

1 Apple 🍎 

1 Carrot 🥕 

1 hunk peeled Ginger

1 Banana 🍌 

1 handful frozen Blueberries

1 handful frozen Strawberries 🍓 

1 handful frozen Spinach and/or Kale 🥬 

1 Tbsp Chia Seeds

1 Tbsp Hemp or Flax Seeds

Blend away (couldn’t live without my #vitamix blender)! I measure nothing – the above is my best guess.

It makes an entire Vitamix blender full. I fill up two water bottles (Blender Bottle brand, about 20-24oz each), one for me and one for #luckyduck Gregor. There’s one glass left for that lucky kid in the house who is up first (or doesn’t turn up their nose at my offering).

It takes me at least an hour or two to drink it. The avocado makes it smooth + protein. The beets are known for their endurance enhancing properties, and for any busy person, this is a win. Many runners drink it for race day. Another plus is that it turns the smoothie red – important for many a novice smoothie drinker.

Often, I also like to have food with my smoothie. 1-2 well-cooked boiled eggs or peanut butter + banana does the trick. I most often take all of this on the go. And I’m telling you, I feel sooooo great.

Do it, drink it, and get ready for a marvelous day ☀️😊🎉💪❣️



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