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This photo reminds me that this is a season for study and contemplation. It makes me feel peaceful.

Lent begins today, March 6th, and goes until Thursday, April 18th.

If you are unfamiliar with Lent, it is a Christian observance to ready us for Easter, the holiest of Christian holidays as it signifies the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Lent is often considered only a Catholic holiday, but not so. I think it’s a wonderful observance for any one or family getting ready to celebrate Easter.

It is a time for prayer, reflection, fasting, service, and sacrifice – giving up something now for something better. That’s the irony of what we consider “giving up.” We are the ones who benefit.

My brother, Patrick, and I encourage one another to do this each year and I always enjoy the challenge, the process, and the end.

I’ve written about it HERE and HERE, which was fun to reread .

I wrote:

Take yourself to the challenge. If you don’t, the challenge will come to you. It always does. The challenge will WRECK the unprepared.

My Word Nerd friend Julia wrote:

This sacrifice is supposed to turn our dependence back to God and away from worldly things, or worse, our own sense of accomplishment. It should bring challenges that will make us better people. Im also trying to fast from worry. Pretty hard for this mama.

Challenges that make us better people. Love that.

This year, my brother’s goal:

No caffeine + workout routine + gratitude journal + the book of Isaiah

This year, I’m going to:

Give up my “time” by studying The New Testament for 30 minutes/day + write down my impressions (as I’m sure they are there to guide me through life.) 

Today I read Matthew 7-8 and Mark 2-3 using THIS as my guide. It made me feel good, more peaceful – a tale-tell sign that something is right.

I would also like to write something every day on this blog (like The Sandguppy does – so funny!) until April 18th but I’m afraid to commit! We shall see if I could do a little better on that front.

Trying is good!

Stretching is good.

Happy season of Lent.

Are you participating?




  • I’ve been observing Lent since 2007, when I taught in an Episcopal school in Louisiana’s Cajun Country, which is predominantly Catholic. While in the Presbyterian church we prepare for Christmas with Advent, I’d never experienced preparing for Easter with Lent. Why not — especially if we claim this holiday is the centerpiece of the Christian calendar?!

    I’ve so enjoyed the moment-by-moment focus this season gives me. Daily I’m reminded my ultimate sustenance is Christ. The last few years I’ve “given up” things I know will be impossible, such as complaining. It’s been a beautiful picture of how much I need a Savior and how gracious God is.

  • Julia Tomiak says:

    Thanks for the shout out Amy! This Lent I’m giving up sweets, Coke, and passing judgement. Our family and our church is focusing on prayer. I need to make something to put on the kitchen table for a daily reminder… a prayer, a verse, something. I pray that this Lent helps you grow in your faith. 🙂

  • Nina says:

    That’s a worthy challenge– to add something “nourishing” rather than take something away.

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