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my favorite Christmas tradition: Light the World

By November 26, 2018 One Comment

We watched the new Grinch movie last week, the Jim Carey version after that. In the hopes we’re not too Grinchy this Christmas, let’s also try to light up the world a little.

Here’s my favorite Christmas campaign: #LightTheWorld.

This year, the campaign focuses on one thing a week: Light the World, Light Your Community, Light Your Family, and Light Your Faith (whatever that might be.)

Week #1: Light the World

Week #2: Light your Community

Week #3: Light your Family

Week #4: Light your Faith

May our days be merry and bright.





One Comment

  • Julia Tomiak says:

    This looks good. I’ve been looking for things to help me in my approach to Christmas this year. So often I see it as just a lot of work. (Kinda Grinchy, I know.) This reminds me there’s more to it than that. Thanks!

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