Recent Book Reads, Shows, and Podcast Love!

Happy Weekend! Looking for some good reads? Here’s what I’ve been up to since March…


I adore Alice Munro. Such an excellent short story writer.

I’m a Michael Connelly fan. Great structure, kept me reading.

I love love Elizabeth Strout. Her sentences are so gorgeous. This is sad but good.


PBS masterpiece, John Adams, Chicago PD, Hart of Dixie (only because of Lemon Breeland!), and currently it’s Amazon’s Vikings.Β The battle scenes are so violent that I have to constantly close my eyes, but I’m drawn to the culture and the curiosity and clash between paganism and christianity. Also: Lagertha.

Podcast Love:

New York Times, Modern Love, Happier with Gretchen Rubin, and KM Weiland’s How to Help Writers Become Authors.

And…that’s all folks! What are you reading, watching, and listening to?

Have a great weekend!


6 thoughts on “Recent Book Reads, Shows, and Podcast Love!

  1. Dana

    I wrote a book review post a few weeks ago, but you’ve given me some new ones to tackle. My dad recommended Vikings also, but good to know I’ll have to cover my eyes quite a bit. I also think the culture is fascinating.

  2. Julia Tomiak

    Silence of the Lambs? Yikes!!!

    I’m reading A Gentleman in Moscow. Beautiful writing, but I’m struggling to see the point. My book club buddies encouraged me to finish – the second part is supposed to be great.

    1. maisymak Post author

      re: Silence of the Lambs. I KNOW…I don’t know why I picked it up but I’m telling you, there’s a reason it’s a seller! All in the name of story structure πŸ™‚

  3. Jessica Lawson

    Thanks for another wonderful round of recommendations (including Bottle Bridge, *blush*). I’ve been meaning to read The Invention of Wings for years! And that Ramona and her Father cover makes me want to revisit my childhood favorites. And oh! Mrs. Frisby! I ADORED that book as a young reader!


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