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What is On the Walls of Your Home?

By February 20, 2017 6 Comments

I’m becoming more intentional about what goes on the walls of our home. Of all the sensory receptors in the body, 70% are in the eyes. Fascinating, no? We see a lot of images everyday, and what we see stays with us.

We didn’t have a lot of extra for decorating when I was a kid, but my mother made a real effort to put up interesting art. I remember eating breakfast as a little girl and staring up at a poster of the urinary system 🙂 My mom put up anatomy posters, Monet, ancestors, and framed Minerva Tiechert. I am so appreciative of that now.

What’s on our walls? Here are a few amateur shots from around the house:

 Flowers painted by great grandmother, Alice Fogg Family photos Love is spoken in our home at all times, day and night. there is never any fighting 🙂 This Christ print is by Greg Olson, one of my favorite painters. We received this for our wedding (almost 20 years ago!) We see it every time we enter or leave the house, and every time we enter the living room. Poor Jesus has been through a lot in our house. The glass was shattered after Nelson kicked a soccer ball into it, the frame cracked after a dry winter, it’s been tipped over by careless dusters, and often gets covered in black soot from the fire. Nevertheless, after replacements and loving care, the print is going strong.This hard-workin’ laundry mama reminds me how I adore washing and folding multiple loads of laundry a day. She and I always have a smile on our face while performing this service for our family (just ask the kids! 🙂 )

I like to use inspiring pages from a youth Christian magazine, The New Era (’cause Cosmo hasn’t really led us toward the light). Love, love, love their monthly message. I tape these up onto the bathroom mirror. We ponder goodness while brushing teeth.

But besides this, and my children’s artwork, I’ve been longing for meaningful art  to ponder and get lost in.

This past summer, when my heart was heavy, I gravitated toward paintings of strong women.

When I saw this, I HAD TO HAVE it:

She Will Find What is Lost by Brian Kershisnik now hangs in our living room. What has she lost? A person? Hope? Faith? She’s lost something that has impacted her happiness. But all is not lost. Heavenly angels surround her, strengthening and reminding her that she is not alone. I think the beauty is not that she has lost something, but that “she will find what is lost.” Read more HERE, by artist.

She Became Herself With Tears by Caitlin Connolly. Cope says this is a depressing piece, but oh, I love it so much. The colors, the title, everything. I stalked artist Caitlin Connolly on instagram for a full month, waiting for a holiday sale, snagging print #2 of a limited edition of 30. It really felt like the first significant piece of artwork on our wall.

Mothers Teaching by Caitlin Connolly. I love this one, too, which now hangs in my bedroom. I want so many of her prints, but must exercise restraint. Her paintings of strong women really speak to me.

Artists I’m really loving right now…(I even know some of them!)

Molly and Corbett Leith, David FlemingJen Fleming, Brian Andreas, Ruth Chou Simons, and James Christensen (just to name a few – there are so many!)

Good artwork, especially original, isn’t easy. But is shouldn’t be, right? The time it takes to find the right mat and frame and hanger easily overwhelms me. And if you want someone else to frame it, well that’s time and effort and money, too.

But. I’m upping my game, vowing to do better. Art is an important investment for a family and home. It makes homes more interesting, less stale, more beautiful. It’s a conversation starter, it supports our artists, and makes our hearts pitter patter with happiness over that special, unique, carefully chosen piece.

As the chaos of the world swirls around us, I’ve felt a greater need to make home a refuge – and you certainly don’t need great artwork on the walls to do that – but I do want us to be surrounded by beauty and color and inspired artists who seem to have an eye and heart and paintbrush turned toward heaven. Bring the heaven in.

Read this: 13 Reasons Why Original Art In the Home is As Important As a Bed! 

“Do a visual tour of your home with spiritual eyes. Is there love? Is your family room a place to gather as a family? Regardless of circumstances, home should be where family wants to be.” -nestingwithgrace

What’s on your walls? Any favorite artists?



  • Julia Tomiak says:

    Wow, I haven’t thought about this, but clearly, I should. I LOVE those flowers by your great grandmother- that’s the kind of art I like to paint. (Or did, before children took over my world.) I’ve frequently yapped about the importance of being thoughtful about the media we consume, but I never included the decorations of our home. I will. Currently, on our walls we have many family photos, Monet and Van Gogh prints ( I LOVE Van Gogh), and my art work – a drawing of the chapel where we got married, a old mill, flowers that I’ve painted. I want to print up a photograph of the Golden Gate Bridge that I took this summer. Now you’ve inspired me to look for more thoughtful art as well. As always, thanks.

  • Steven Nelson says:

    I once heard of parents from the Mid-west who were surprised and confused when their son joined the Navy rather than going to college. Later a friend suggested that maybe it had something to do with the picture his mother had hung in her son’s bedroom – of a majestic sailing ship riding high the ocean waves.

    I’ve always enjoyed my James Christensen print “Voyage of the Basset”, a commentary to Charles Darwin’s “Voyage of Discovery”. The motto of Darwin’s flagship was “seeing is believing” whereas Christensen’s flagship was “Believing is Seeing”. Indeed great art helps us see and feel more.

  • Nina says:

    Ooooh I really like that She Will Find What is Lost piece.

  • Katie says:

    This was really fun to read and what a creative idea! Coming from my mother and marrying my husband, art is big in our house. My favorite of my mom’s is a grasshopper in watercolor. I love it so much! Pat and I discovered Robert Burridge and one of his circus series is one of my fav presents ever. I bought a piece from a friend who paints w bright colors and heavy strokes I love. I frame musical posters and frame my sweet T’s paintings. We have a piece framed that Pat drew that terrifies T but I’m amazed by it as I could never draw line him. My walls make me so happy!

  • Herb says:

    Thanks for the reminder about the importance of fine art, Amy. I also have enjoyed having paintings hang on the walls of our home. We don’t really have any “fine art” pieces in Lviv, Ukraine, now, but we have put up a wall map of Ukraine and two colorful Ukrainian alphabets.

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