19 Years

By August 22, 2016 5 Comments

This past week The Professor and I celebrated 19 years of marriage by going to a basketball game. Ha. It just goes to show that I’d follow my love boy anywhere 🙂 For the record, we also got away to Maine last weekend and ate a lot of cheese. Which just goes to show he’d follow me anywhere…especially if cheese is involved.

NINETEEN YEARS. It was yesterday and a million years ago. Today I’m feeling thankful. No matter what else we do in this life, my marriage and family will rank as my most important and joyful accomplishments.


Because he loves public displays of affection: 19 years ago we married, drove across the country to this place called New Hampshire, landing somewhere called a boarding school. I had a broken neck (from a trampoline mishap, but never mind 🙂 and a head full of dreams. You made them all come true. Love is patient, kind, and putting up with my floss on the bedside table. It’s four beautiful children, constant dishes, and mortgage payments. Life is hard and sometimes cloudy. Your love is the sun. And I love your forever ❤️.



  • Happy Anniversary to the two of you!
    That’s a fantastic photo. 🙂

  • Nina says:

    Happy anniversary!

  • Dana says:

    Happy, happy anniversary, you crazy kids!

  • Dad says:

    Congrats on your marriage and all that came with it!! It was fun to be there, in Andover, for your wedding reception, under the shade trees at Proctor, and listen to Grandpa Makechnie recite his little speech of good wishes. You’ve created a rich, vibrant family with beautiful children that are starting to brach out to adventures of their own. It’s nice to see Bear Lake as a background of your anniversary photo showing that you haven’t forgotten your family roots. Best wishes for the next 19 years of marriage. Dad

  • Julia Tomiak says:

    That IS a wonderful photo, and the prose underneath it just makes it better. Congratulations on 19 years of bliss. It’s hard work, and a lot of fun, and I wish you many, many more. 🙂

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