The End of Summer and Start of School (woo-wee!)

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The night before school required one more trip to the water…unnamed-2 We were a wee bit excited!


Woo-hoo! (why are my pictures fuzzy? I must have been jumping, too.)
unnamed-1Mama, the water is cold….! I love how kids never seem to mind those minor details
unnamed-10And just like that, the sun set on summer. We turned toward a new school year, which always requires a new mindset and is always epic in its own way. The Professor and I looked at each: “I wonder what’s going to happen this year.

The next morning the alarm sounded in the children’s bedroom…beep, beep, beep. Horrifying noise.

Paige was most excited about packing her lunch because her mother had bought her a YumBox! The Professor rolled his eyes. “What is this, lunch boxes of the rich and famous?” Hey, I it was reasonably priced ($20 with a coupon,) and a justified purchase as packing a lunch no longer requires non-recyclable plastic bags (and maybe because it was just so super cute!)

unnamed-6 And now I become one of those parents who post pictures of their child’s school lunch. Hey, I get it now – it’s fun!

IMG_1778Paige thinks cutting up little pieces of food is FUN. She practically skips around the kitchen.

Sadly, after I bought one for Brynne, she chickened out: “Mom, I’m in sixth grade! I can’t bring a Yumbox.” Sigh.

IMG_1776Food groups. FUN.

I’m stopping now.


unnamed-9The next morning, only two of our kiddies were going to school. We have entered a new era.

unnamed-8I told the boy to stand by his sisters. “Ha ha ha…you have to go to school.” Aren’t brothers the best? Just you wait, Nellie, your time is coming and ninth grade ain’t no walk in the park!unnamed-7

Always my favorite picture…we’re holding this hand TIGHT. It’s the last hand. The sixth grader had already dashed off! But she still gives me kisses.

unnamed-3Meanwhile, the new high schooler cashed his paycheck to buy some preppy clothes. #landsend

unnamed-5And he made his own duct tape keyboard case for his iPad. Do you think he’ll get beat up? (kidding!) Love his creativity. He sure loves me taking his picture.

Happy new school year.




  • Julia Tomiak says:

    We don’t have “Yum Boxes”, but we do own Bento boxes, which are kinda the same thing (lots of compartments). I’m requesting a post with at least 20 ideas for things to fill those compartments.
    Within the next week, if you please. 😉
    We went back to school August 11 (yes, horrid – I’m still in denail, but the MS editing is going better…) and we already need lunch ideas.
    Hey, and re: your last post: I made time to play a game with my littlest last night. You are awesome inspiration!

  • School has started here as well, but I don’t exactly have the house to myself. My eldest daughter, who graduated last spring, is taking a gap year before college, working part time, taking some community ed classes while she reflects on what she wants to major in and where she wants to go to school. It’s not that I object to her presence ~ but it was kind of fun to have the house to myself last year. 🙂

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