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Omelette + Panini = Panomelette!

By May 6, 2015 March 29th, 2020 22 Comments

This, my friends, is something you must try. When Lynne B. put this on my lap, it was almost too charming to eat! It looked like an omelette, but had the tell-tale signs of a panini grill. I thought it brilliant (and delicious!) Thus, the panomelette was born.1531495

The finished panomelette is just so perty, no?


How to make such a masterpiece? You’ll begin with the omelette basics: eggs, milk, and cheese. Aren’t you glad we have cows?DSC_0008

Bacon is always a nice touch. Aren’t you glad we have pigs? Omelettes are wonderfully diverse. My husband would add onions and peppers. My kids would pick them out. I’d like hash browns. You see, add anything you’d like.


If I didn’t mention, you need a panini grill. Make sure it’s nice and hot. Spray with something nicely organic and chemical-free like olive or coconut Oil. panomelette

You’ll pour that omelette on the panini machine nice and slow. It will drip down into the grill gutter. Have a little bowl to catch egg. Pour it right back on the panini grill. Out of the gutter!


It only takes a moment to cook before you have a fabulous panomelette. Exciting, no?

When the panomelette is done, cut with a pizza cutter. I did three strips.


Roll that panomelette up, sprinkled with cheese, and topped with tomatoes. And everyone ate it and cooed at its loveliness.

Omelette + Panini = the Scrumptious Panomelette.

For complete story details, including ingredients (uh, eggs, milk, cheese, and bacon), click here. (and then go make it 🙂



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