A Thanksgiving Round-up: food, mustache man, and a gaggle of girls

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Last week, as Thanksgiving loomed, we gave thanks to oddly warm temperatures (60 degrees!) and the week ahead: the promise of a turkey dinner and a house full of cousins.


Hogwarts went on vacation and we were feeling free and easy, shopping for Thanksgiving yum-yum. Our giddiness is the only way to explain this 1

The conversation went like this: “What do I do with my lips with SWAG on my face?” “I don’t know. I have a bow-tie on my eyebrows.”

And yes, The Professor is sportin’ his very own handlebar mustache.

We’re thankful No-Shave November has passed. Or are we?

That night, on Thanksgiving eve, a monster snowstorm arrived.

It snowed and snowed and snowed. Like 100 feet. Or a couple.

It snowed until the wind blew and the power went out. And we bonded over Uno and candlelight.

The earth was covered in white.

And who’s thankful for the electric company who works all night to restore power to the whole state?

The power came back on for a few hours in the morning, just long enough to vacuum. Hallelujah!

Snow and no electricity couldn’t stop our Thanksgiving spirit, oh no. There was one option: sledding!

photo 2 (2)

“Smile! This is our Christmas photo!”

What do you think, old boy?photo 1 (2)

I forgot how much fun it is to careen down a hill backwards at 100 mph. It’s a hoot!photo 5 (2)

All Thanksgiving morning the power was out.

Oh dear, what about that traditional turkey dinner?

Luckily, Hogwarts let us bring the fixins’ to them. The turkey was in the oven!

unnamed Meanwhile, the cousins gathered round. cousin photos courtesy of B.Makunnamed-1 And showed their own swag. Or something like that?unnamed-2 Then they made gang signs

photo 4 (1)

The power was still not on at the house. We salivated over vegetables we might never eat.

photo 4

But there were those addictive sugared cranberries. The tart with the sugar – they POP! So good.

briebitesWhole wheat cracker, brie cheese, sugared cranberries. Life will never be the 5

And since soup can be cooked over a gas stove, we had The Professor’s famous Squash and Black Bean Soup. No, really. It’s so good it will knock you out of the kitchen. And I don’t even like squash.

By 1:00pm the power was back on. The turkey was transported.

photo 1 (3)

And carved to perfection by the brothers in 3 (2) photo 2 (3)

Grandpa wore the turkey hat and recited a turkey poem. He said grace over our good life with good food, good friends and family, and thanked God for the ones who have come before us. Amen!

Grandma missed Thanksgiving with us as she was deployed to Nashua by The Red Cross to set up a shelter for those without homes or electricity. I mean, is she a good woman or what?

cornWe continued the tradition of two kernels of popcorn by each plate. A small cup is passed around and everyone says something they are thankful for. I reflected on an email from my father who sent a story he heard on NPR, of Syrian refugees crossing the great ocean. There were men, women and children, sailing for a new land, for any place who would take them. I was especially thankful that day for a family who takes the refugees.

Then the man with a handlebar mustache raised his finger and spoke of match making. photo 4 (3)

Making a match with this plate of 3 (3)

More points to be made…photo 5 (1)

We ate until we could eat no more. And then we ate pie.

New Thanksgiving dessert: an apple tart courtesy of bon appetit! We were too busy eating to take a final photo of the cooked tart with homemade whipped cream and Tucker Mountain Maple Syrup. Will have to make again…

photo 2 (1)

photo 1 (4) As tradition dictates. Thanksgiving night concluded with a VERY rousing game of Pounce!

photo 2 (4)

Amazingly, we all came away as friends.  (Auntie Kim, we missed you!!)

But wait! The fun didn’t stop there! Grandma came home exhausted from Red Cross service to babysit all eight children with Grandpa, while the parents of children escaped for an overnight trip to Portsmouth. In a hotel! With electricity, running water, and toilets that flushed!


I even got a great run in for the Holiday Streak (you’re still in, right??? Do tell!)

photo 1 (5)photo 2 (5)

We came home to electricity, happy kids, happy grandparents, and gratitude up to our ears! Thank you, thank you dear Heather and Art!

photo 3 (4)

The Thanksgiving extravaganza ended with a warm fire and a dance party.

This year, instead of making a Thanksgiving Tree, we wrote out our thanksgiving on post-its to cover the fridge. There’s Snow, Christmas music, Hot Chocolate, Barbies, Mashed Potatoes…

photo 3 (5)

Gratitude runs deep and far. Happy Thanksgiving…and hello, December!



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