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What You Really Need For Thanksgiving: Running Shoes

By November 25, 2014 21 Comments

Oh, there is going to be lots of food consumed on Thursday – I can’t wait! A couple new recipes to try and of course the old favorites, but you know what will make your holiday a little more…joyful?DSC_0018 A pair of running shoes. Yes. Because this is what happens every single year: “I’m going to be healthier. I’m just going to eat lettuce. Maybe just one more piece of pie. Oh, I really shouldn’t, but look how good that cookie looks? I feel sick. I feel bloated. My gut hurts. I wish I wouldn’t eat so much crap. I’ll be better after the holidays. Maybe January 1st. It’s too cold to exercise.”

And so it goes, doesn’t it?

So I thought shoes would be the best thing to write about today. If you don’t have a good pair, just go spend the money and get some. Your health is worth it. Here is what I’m wearing right now (yes, all four pairs):asics1 Asics Gel Cumulus. Marathon Glenn got me into this shoe. The professorial husband also swears by them. And has lost 60lbs in two years. He’s dreamy. The shoe is cushy. Stable. A little heavy, but I like these. Don’t go cheap Asics. That’s how I got plantar fasciitis that one year.DSC_0059Side view. There is lots of controversy over “minimalist” versus cushion, but if you go minimal, I also suggest a shoe like this that you can switch in and out of to get used to the no heel thingy.asics2 Bet your health plan will also cover some of the cost of this.DSC_0056 Good traction for cold weather runningnike1I alternate between four pairs of shoes. If my joints are a little achy or I’m not going that far, I wear these: Nike Dual Fusion ST 2. I haven’t worn Nike since college, but I loves this exceptionally cushiony pair and got them pretty cheap at an outlet. nike2 They’re also light and breathable.newton1Oh, how I love my Newtons! These are the “Distance” shoes. I wear these when I want to go a little faster and whenever I’m in a race. They are super light and breathable. I’ve hung on to the pair for way too long. See how worn out the outer part of the sole? I look for a Newton shoe that comes with the word “stability.” Newton is awesome about showing videos and walking you through the process of buying a shoe.newton2Newtons are super expensive and they wear more quickly. However, I’ve gotten them for a good price (under $75) if I buy through a fireman (they get a discount) or at the end of the season. You can also get 10% off by signing up for the Newton newsletter. But again, if I’m going to put money into “beauty,” this is where I put it 🙂newton3They are also super funky on the bottom. These are “lugs” that propel you forward ever so slightly. I’m a believer!newnewton2This is my new pair of Newtons thanks to my buddy, Sarah, who’s father snagged this pair for just $40! What a steal. These are the “Energy” shoe and they’re a little closer to the ground.newnewton1 I’m just breaking them in. Giddy!newnewton3This pair has five lugs that are a little flatter which helps distributes the weight a little more.

Want some more options? I’ve written about Brooks, Kayanos, Nike, and Newton (and show some pretty funky pictures of my toes when you DON’T wear the right shoe! Ow!)

Also, Runner’s World always has tons of shoe reviews. The December 2014 edition is all about finding the right shoe and staying fit and strong through the holidays (and even outrunning cancer!)

Here’s the thing: We are in charge of our health. No one is going to do it for us. Once it’s wrecked? It’s hard to get back.

Now for the fun part. My friend Sarah asked me if I wanted to do a Holiday Streaker. No, not a naked thing, but a exercise streak!

challengeHere are the rules:

Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day we exercise the equivalent of a 1 mile run every single day. It’s easy! Right? (if you want to grab that image above, grab it!)

You can bike, walk, run, push a stroller, yoga – whatever! Just exercise every single day. Bet you can run a mile in under 12 minutes. That’s it!

I’m telling you, if we do this TOGETHER we’re going to feel so much better about starting 2015. AND, if we do it TOGETHER we are much more likely to actually complete the challenge. Why You Need That Winter Running Buddy (that’s me! we can be virtual buddies!)

Sign yourself up, your kids, your whole family – make it fun!

So, if you are IN, leave me a comment so we can be accountable to each other! If we do it, we can have some sort of funky blog or facebook badge. Cool, right?

Also, if you find this post useful, please share it! The more the merrier. There is power in doing this all together.

Need more inspiration?

Here’s a guide to Winter Running Gear (because isn’t running more fun with pink sequined mittens?)

Guess what? Stress is making us lose our MIND. The antidote? EXERCISE. A Must Read.

Sign up by leaving a comment and please spread the word. GO TEAM!



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