The Month of the Pants and Other Weekend Love

By November 14, 2014 5 Comments


1. So I have these pair of purple pants.

2. I find purple pants rather liberating.

3. Cope’s friends like them, too. One of them asked where I got them. I let her check my label. “That is so weird,” Cope said.


3. This is my green pair of pants. Nelson’s friends like this pair, but I don’t offer any label checking. “Mom, stop. That’s so embarrassing.”

4. Why are parents so embarrassing? I mean, I don’t walk down the street and say, “There’s my kid, don’t look at me don’t talk to me let’s pretend you don’t exist.” This would be a fascinating dissertation.

dance5. I mean, who can pretend these sweet things don’t exist???

IMG_6038 6. We’re exhausted. Today my class took a difficult quiz on all the superficial muscles of the body. They spell words like sternocleidomastoid. It makes me so proud I could cry. Tears would pour out my lacrimal cavities which are surrounded by the ethmoid and nasal bones which are protected by the obicularis oculi muscle.

6b. Next week is finals.

6c. Have I mentioned? We are all exhausted.


7. This leaf fell on my window. I named the picture, “Fall on Me.”


8. Paige fell in the pond. But this catastrophic moment led me to this photo. So it was worth the dunk 🙂

IMG_61339. Snow fell on my kale this morning. How rude. However, can you believe how hearty this leafy green is? Everyday I fetch eggs and pluck leaves for the next day’s smoothie. And it’s November 12! Put KALE on your calendar to plant in March. You’ll never go hungry again.

10. The Halloween candy is killing me. Like, probably literally.

11. Milk Duds and Heath Bars. “Don’t eat them,” my friend said. Too late.

12. Then, listen to THIS! It’s so good. It’s all about BRAIN HEALTH. I love this stuff so much I feel like doing cartwheels. Can you spell G-E-E-K? I can!

13. Sadly, Milk Duds and Heath Bars are definitely not mentioned.

14. Love THIS: Amy Tan giving a TED talk on “Where Does Creativity Hide?” She does not talk about Milk Duds either, though I’m pretty sure they spur on my creativity.

15. Katie talks about HOPE, HERE. She’s waiting for a baby. I hope, hope, hope with her…

16. Giles Duley rocks. Here’s when the reporter becomes the story.

17. My daughter’s chemistry teacher is blogging about How Kids Learn. And she’s SO good!

18. Psst! Missed the podcast on the Nine Most Important Minutes? Listen Here! I still haven’t 🙂

19. I didn’t show you all my pairs of pants. Oh, there’s more.

Happy Weekend!




  • Barrie says:

    I am not sure the specific part of this post that made me smile first, but it did put a smile on this face of mine…thanks! Also, I really like the leaf picture on the window. Beautiful. You are so talented!

  • Beautiful fall pictures!!!
    My 14 year old has stopped talking to me altogether. We went to see my 17 year old in the school play yesterday. The 14 year old sat beside me (only because our tickets said she had to) and sat angled away from me the whole time. To be clear, we hadn’t had a fight. I hadn’t reprimanded her. She is just embarrassed by my presence. 🙁

  • Julia Tomiak says:

    Love the pants- you are so bold, to wear such vibrant colors. I branched out with a purple purse this fall and thought I was doing something significant.
    I knew all of those muscles and bones you named! I haven’t forgotten everything from PT school! :).
    And finally, when my daughter goes to school dances, I like to chaperone. I threaten to wear a shirt that says “I am Rosie’s mom”, so that when I dance, people know who to compliment. 😉

  • Nina says:

    LOVE the pants– both colors. And UGH #10. Same. SEND HELP!!

  • Katie says:

    This was so sweet. I love your pictures and laughed at the candy. I never could figure out how my peanut butter cups went missing as a child. Mama. Thank you for the link too.

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