Sunday Meditations

Sunday Meditations: of small miracles atop wood chips

By October 19, 2014 7 Comments

Last tuesday, Paige came to me with her sad “I’m in the dentist chair” face. It looks like this:


She wasn’t actually at the dentist. She was sad because she had lost my fitness watch, specifically, the small seaglass disc to this cool new fitness & sleep contraption I loaned to her, called the misfit shine.

“I was at recess and I looked down and it was gone!”

Brynne was behind her, pushing her to confess.

“I said so many prayers in the bathroom that I would find it!” Paige wailed. She shook her head sadly.

“Are you mad?” Brynne pressed.

They were both so earnest I couldn’t be mad…but was a little “dentist chair expression” myself.

Four days passed without the disc being found. It was a goner.

Yesterday was cold and raining buckets. Paige and I stood in the rain for hours watching Brynne’s soccer tournament. Famished, freezing, and tired, we took a break and trudged up to Jake’s, the only gas station in town to see what kind of warm snack we could scrounge up enough pennies for.

I sprung for the hot chocolate with milk and once again we trudged back to the field, our faces down as we watched our step, umbrellas over our head.

We decided to take a short-cut to the field, crossing the playground covered with wood chips. Instead of walking around the playground like usually do, we hopped over over a small wooden fence, across the basketball court, and past the swings.

Walking, walking, rain pouring, sipping hot chocolate, walking.

When all of a sudden, there, right in front of my red rain boots was a small seaglass disc.

It sat atop the wood chips right in front of the swings on the playground where Paige had lost it four days ago.

Four days ago, where it was kicked around by hundreds and hundreds of children. Four days ago where not one school child saw a small seaglass disc on the ground and said, “what the heck is this? I think I’ll chuck it in the woods…or put it in my pocket…or put it in the trash…or give it to a teacher.” No, none of those things happened.

I gasped when I saw it and literally stopped in my tracks. Of all the paths we could have taken, this was the path?

“Paige,” I whispered. “Look!”

The sad “dentist face expression” was nowhere to be found as she snatched it up quickly and screamed, “OH MY GOSH!”

“Paige,” I said, “that is a miracle.”

She smiled. “I prayed so many times. It’s like that song I sing in the bathroom…”

It’s a primary church song she sings twice when she’s washing her hands in the bathroom for fear of contracting ebola. or diabetes.

She started to sing:

Heavenly Father, are you really there? And do you hear and answer every child’s prayer…

I looked down at her.

She looked up at me.

“Some people think Heavenly Father doesn’t answer prayers, but he does!” she said.

She then shrugged, “but I already knew that.”

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