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The Live Free or Die Family Reunion (iPhone Style)

By July 27, 2014 6 Comments


Live Free or Die is the NH state motto, so it was only appropriate for the family reunion to follow suit.


You gotta just go with it, says Brynne and Charlotte. The pirate party took this motto to heart and confiscated the electronic devices – in exchange for chocolate and rum – and writing a ransom note.


The pirate body guards were mighty scary :



All of Grandpa’s little rascals


Scout had some great looks. “Are you taking my picture again???”

Had to throw this next one in. As we were standing in line at the grocery store, buying food for yet another hike, we saw the cover of People magazine. And the guy is standing right next to me in line! Ah, it was a beautiful moment. For the record: only one of these guys is a bachelor!

hot swaddle

Baby Luke. Do you like being swaddled?

Every party needs an Allison to organize all of the games:IMG_4430 diaper

We find it necessary to document all events, even changing diapers on the bus. But this just shows the resiliency of the patriots.

The last day everyone was here (except for my twin who had to go back to work in New York), we went to Boston. We ate at Faneuil Hall. Gregor and I had Indian 🙂boston IMG_4286

Headquarters of the Revolution!


Would my brothers have fought in the Revolution? Would I have been a smuggler?

IMG_4300 IMG_4304

One last ocean trip to Wallace Sands…Here are our two oldest teens. I’m putting a plug in for Lime Ricki swimsuits because they are super duper stylish AND modest. They’re having a sale…

IMG_4239 IMG_4259 IMG_4267 IMG_4275

And then, sadly, the porta potty left. Then Eric, Cassie, and Scout. The beginning of the end.

IMG_4444 IMG_4316

We went to a farm for comfort. They served cashew-based ice-cream. A fascinating concept!

IMG_4458 IMG_4463 IMG_4494 IMG_4481

When the goat wouldn’t go back in the pen I decided I would take pictures of my brother corralling it back in. “You’re not helping!” Patrick said.

Alas, the five McDonalds left next. Doggy Tenny wanted them to stay too.IMG_4576

Paige was so sad…


But more cousins came and got on the bus!IMG_4626

And paid homage to the sunset…


We had one last hurrah back at the ocean


And a Red Sox game.


The Sox pulled it out that night after being down by three. Which just goes to show you can never count the good guys out.

The Live Free or Die Reunion was left on the streets of Boston.

Until next time – Carry on, Patriots!



  • What an amazing time you guys had! Oh, the memories!

    At the beginning of this month, we had a 50th Anniversary Party for my parents, so we had our own reunion, of sorts. Of course, most of the guests lived in town, so we didn’t have 30 staying at our house. (Just 6, on top of our own 4.)

    But a great time was had by all, and just yesterday my brother informed us all (by text) that he popped the question to his girlfriend. So woo hoo — I see another family invasion in our future as we celebrate another hallmark event! 🙂

  • Amy, it looks like you had a wonderful reunion. What a great set of photographic memories. (You’re a much better iPhone photographer than I am!) Thanks for introducing me to your blog. (And I love your “About” page!)

  • Alana Eaton says:

    Love, love the photos. I’m so impressed with your ability to handle the masses at your home–and you make it look easy and fun. It’s wonderful that you get together every year as a family. Hope it’s in Utah next year, so we can see all our Nelson friends.

  • What memories! What revelry! You have an adorable clan 🙂

  • Christina says:

    Jag hade samma prelobm. Fick tips att byta ut routern mot en ny (min var ca 3 år gammal) och vips! så blev det full fart!

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