Dear Toothfairy

Our toothfairy is a little…unreliable.

As such, the children in this house have to write many letters, notes and reminders, leave glow-in-the-dark trail markers, and shame her into doing her duty. We believe it’s a “she” as Paige has vague recollections of long blond hair…

Our tooth fairy is also cheap. She’s disgruntled with other tooth fairies who leave large amounts of cash for teeth that are supposed to fall out! 


This latest letter was my favorite: First, Brynne asked for a raise (a girl’s gotta try!) and Second, the assurance that my girl,who just turned double digits, is loyal to the end. (She got an extra quarter for that.)




5 thoughts on “Dear Toothfairy

  1. Nina

    Loved this! I had a piece in the print issue of Brain, Child this summer in the debate section about whether or not to do the tooth fairy. My position was YES!

  2. Jessica Lawson

    Five dollars??? Adorable letter. My five-year-old has her first wobbly tooth, so I’ll need to figure out my own tooth fairy standards (I’m thinking a quarter, or maybe a fifty-cent piece).

    1. Kris

      Thank you. Last night I was writing a very cheery post about a great day I had this week and I was about to upload it to the site. Suddenly felt like it wa;&#n8217st the right time to talk about the good things happening in my own life, though, so I wrote this instead. I just wanted to be sad, you know?


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