new year, new blog, and breaking bad?

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How is your new year going? I’m a little shiver-me-timber!

It’s been an exciting (and frustrating) process to convert this blog from Blogger to WordPress. May I suggest that if your tech understanding is anything like mine, you ask for HELP. My dear sister-in-law, Cassie, did the hard labor, working long and hard on multiple header options, pages, pull-down menus, fixing broken links, installing plug-ins, and Mailchimp. WordPress is far less friendly to the girl like me who sees programming and HTML as code for RUN. Cassie and I were texting and emailing all through December, Christmas Eve and even Christmas day trying to get the new blog to look right pretty. I could not have done the switch without her. No really, It wouldn’t have happened.

Sometimes I wondered if the entire process was worth it, but I have been drooling over the versatility of WordPress for years. And now you must impart plug-in advice, wise ones.

We installed Mailchimp, an email subscriber list service that gave me a headache, but hopefully will be ever so easy to understand…once I understand it. Sadly, some of my blogger list didn’t convert, so please please Subscribe again even if you already did on the Blogger blog. Lost subscribers are a travesty!

And if you have not subscribed, well I would be pleased as punch about that as well.

I still have work to do adding pictures and links on the sidebar. Like the cows. Do you miss them?

I interviewed myself for the About section. That was rather liberating. And peculiar.

I mulled long and hard on the evolution of this writing place. The elusive “they” say that bloggers should have a “niche.” One theme, one focus. But whenever I decided on one niche (allowance? running? writing? the show donkeys next door?) I felt a great loss. If I wrote exclusively about health, what about the hay field? If the niche was writing, then what about that Little House on the Prairie moment?

Oh dear. Is it a focus problem? My scattered brains jumps like a cat from this to that. Perhaps it is a fixation on moderation.

But what trumps all when it comes to writing? I believe it’s passion. This blog began as an entertaining family journal, but it was also a place to write about messes, failures, love, smoothies, chickens, why I don’t play on Sundays, and occasionally politics. There’s a theme there, right? Um.

I love it all, so I decided to keep it all. I hope you won’t mind.

So we move forward and it’s an exciting prospect. The best way to see how far we’ve come is to look at where we were a year ago. There’s much progress! and things I want to do better.

To ring in the new year we once again burned our Christmas tree. It was very Lord of the Flies minus the pig head on a stick.treeFor the first time in a long time, I wasn’t quite ready to let go of Christmas. I’ve missed the Christmas carols constantly playing, the white lights, the break from real life, and that special feeling that envelops a home for the holidays. The kids are basking in the last days of Christmas vacation, though they sure aren’t basking in the sun.

In the last 24 hours, a blizzard hit the Northeast the great blizzard

It’s gorgeous, but it’s COLD. We tried to go sledding today. For a full two minutes. One run down the slope, one blasted snowball to the face, and there was more than one child crying.

The chickens eggs freeze more quickly than we can gatherchicken eggsAnd if left too long, the eggs freeze and crack, and the chickens begin to peck peck peck. Savages.

Though I’m not looking forward tromping through deep snow to collect eggs and refill water bowls, I do look forward to fresh eggs with dark yellow yolks.

What else am I not looking forward to? Breaking Bad. Finally, after all the great reviews and “it’s the best show I’ve ever watched,” I watched the first two episodes and decided it just wasn’t meant to be. What was it? Hmmm, the moment when Skylar…never mind, I can’t even write that. Was it the body being eaten by acid in the bathtub? Maybe the bloody heart and intestines crashing through the ceiling? Or perhaps it was Walt’s whitey tighty underwear? I just can’t decide. I was rather fond of Walt despite the you know, meth thing. Do you have an opinion on the matter?

What I am looking forward to? a spring marathon (salt lake city???), more queries (I finished my manuscript finally!), beginning a new story (a middle grade read), photography and photoshop, more health-related quests, purging the house of stuff, and of course…Downton Abbey. Here is a read on what we can look forward to here.  Cope vowed to never watch it again after the HORRIBLE HAPPENED. But alas, the DVR is SET.

And now you must tell me what you are NOT looking forward to. And the good stuff too!

Cheers xoxo.



  • Eric says:

    Since when did you become a heretical quitter? First you blaspheme against Breaking Bad. Then you quit after only two episodes. Seriously, what’s all this talk about Makechnies doing hard things? How would you feel if Paige decided to quit reading after two days of Kindergarten? Or if Nelson quit Scouts after only two troop meetings? There is still time to repent, but the new year is off to an ominous and disappointing start.

    • Amymak says:

      Dearest Ernie, I was most looking forward to your comment as I knew you had such strong feelings regarding dear Walt. I don’t know, it was just…breaking bad. At least we still have our Friday Night Lights.

  • Julia Tomiak says:

    The new blog looks great, and I think once the dust and HTML settle, you’ll be pleased. I appreciate the difficulty of the task- While I made the transition, I cried at the dinner table over broken links.
    Congrats on finishing your manuscript! I’m almost done- one more chapter to edit. I intend to query this year as well- we can support each other (difficult without candy perhaps- esp chocolate!). I also want to start the next book, using Scrivener! I hear it’s awesome!

    • Amymak says:

      Yes, we can definitely support each other! Does this reply go to your email? How do you do that? I was craving peanut mms last night but thought of your sugar camaraderie and resisted 🙂

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