Cousins,Turkey and a Little Gobble Wobble

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Happy post-Thanksgiving, pre-Holiday madness peace and good cheer, friends!

I hope you had a lovely holiday. Here’s a little recap of our Thanksgiving adventure: This year was different for us as we bid adieu to the show donkeys and pet chickens and traveled to Needham Massachusetts, just outside the big city of Boston.

I enjoyed people-watching all the way down; families stuck in traffic on 128, traveling to turkey destinations. The study included many electronics, nice clothing, and anticipation-laden faces…FOOD. GIVE ME STUFFING!
We arrived to squeals of cousins jumping up down – there just isn’t a better greeting than than! Then two brothers got down to business. Here, Uncle Brendaen wears his duct tape apron made by Nelson. Nelson received a product-review and will be accepting orders for Christmas.

I’ve had my eye on the brussel sprout for a few weeks now. I don’t recall ever eating one in my life, but as we must all be a little more daring in life, I popped one in my mouth. And then another. And then another. These were so scrumptious! I shall be adding them to my cooking repertoire.

The beautiful root vegetable, as delicious as it looked

Dearest Grandma

Dearest Cheese Spread. And those olives. Oh yummy. This was our big assignment. I think it was doable. Thank you, Market Basket.

Dearest Grandpa

My favorite part of Thanksgiving is the squealing and happiness of cousins. They fling themselves into each others’ arms like they’ve spent a torturous lifetime apart. Wherever they are, wherever they go, there is bound to be uncontained giggling, shrieking, NOISE, happiness, the occasional pout, crying, hugs, and did I mention the volume? Here we have the kid’s table. Shockingly, we were even able to light a few candles. It was a full ten minutes before anyone starting burning the rolls and playing with hot wax. On the plus side: No one was sent to their room early.

And then the adults got down to business. Jill and Brendaen put out a tremendous spread of yum! I regret not getting a picture of our beautiful hosts together. 

As much as I enjoy cooking and having a house full of people, I didn’t mind driving to a beautiful house, with a small assignment, and sitting down to eat. Quite nice.

The obligatory tryptophan-induced nap 

And Daddy tickle

Next we moved on to the musical performances where each child performed. This year we had piano, singing, the flute, cello, and violin!

And a play that involved four little girls, a horse, a pumpkin, and indian corn. And much laughing.

What an awesome instrument. In my next life, look for me with a cello. I hear God in those strings.

This little spitfire played a little diddy entitled Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, but she made sure we knew it was entitled How Great Thou Art. Loved it.

After the music we ate the PIE, but sorry, there is no picture. We ate it all too quickly.

Cousins in our family cannot get together and not play their favorite card game ever: Pounce! Hours of fun on the floor.

As night fell, the children went right to sleep (hahahaha) and the adults went for a winter walk, stopping at 7-11 for some hot herbal tea, and looking at houses and architecture in the neighborhood. Afterwards we adults ate Thanksgiving leftovers, stayed up way too late (way past my 10 o’clock bedtime!), and discussed Cambodia, refugees, Hmong culture, food, and good books. You know, the usual.

The next day we all took a gobble wobble around the streets of downtown Boston, enjoyed all the shoppers with their black friday shopping bags and old men playing chess outdoors. We ate the best chinatown pork buns, and walked miles, vowing to walk the freedom trail this summer. Yes, life is grand. We then headed home, fat and full.

Thanksgiving was wonderful. Gregor said he was thankful for mobility, the ability to travel to family and be together. Though we didn’t get to see everyone this year, the ability to travel rather easily is a great blessing. We’ll catch ya’all next time.

And now I must go. The children are pulling out the Christmas decorations – today is tree day!

How was your Thanksgiving? Did you travel or stay put? Did you eat too much, too? However it went down, I hope you felt thankful…

Until next time,



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