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Sedona and Slide Park: Cliff Jumping at My Age? Heck Yeah!

By July 30, 2013 11 Comments
When in Arizona, you’ve got to do Sedona.
You will likely drive by a million cacti plants.
Which I find fascinating for many reasons; the terrain is SO different from New Hampshire.  Going to Arizona in July might sound rather horrid, and I admit it’s not the best month to visit.  However, according to CNN, the heat that descended on the Northeast in July was like being “smothered by a musty, damp, wool blanket.”  I’ll take dry ANY day.  Even if it’s over 100.

And there’s something about the west.  Oh, it’s a gorgeous, barren beauty

These pictures were all taken while traveling in the car.  Click click click, roll down window, click click click.  I just can’t get enough.

My darling’s reaction when I turn the camera on him…but he sure does appreciate the memories later, don’t you honey pie?  He’s nodding his head right now.
Sedona is about halfway between the Grand Canyon and Phoenix

As you get closer, the red rock becomes more visible and stunning

For $20/car you can enter into Slide Park, located in Sedona.  While there are a lot of people, there are no lifeguards or restrictions, no commercialism at all except for a small store selling ice-cream, sunscreen, and water shoes.  I highly recommend all three.  There are hikes, natural water slides, cold pools of mountain water to swim in, and cliffs for jumping.  I consider becoming a travel guide, y tu?

We decided to walk and find solitude.  There are my girls, Gregor, and my 63-year-old father who hasn’t slowed down a bit!

Many hills and treacherous valleys to cross and leap over!  There’s Andrew, coming to catch up.  He came from New York with my sister-in-law Allison and her two wee ones.  We called him “the manny,” which he thought was awesome.

It was like a Lewis and Clark expedition, trying to find my brothers, Eric and Patrick, and had wandered into a strange and foreign land.  And there’s Brynne’s worn out swimsuit; a tell-tale sign she’s lived a good summer!

Gorgeous country.  I had my camera with me the whole time, couldn’t take it off.
Is it wrong to take a picture of someone praying?  I couldn’t help it.  This is Ava from California, praying after she got two “owies” on her finger.  So sweet.  Her prayer helped 🙂

My shoe recommendation:  The Keen Sandal, perfect for wet and dry climbing.  And that would be the one picture we got of this lass.  Aren’t you glad I shaved my legs?

My mother going down a natural water slide.  It was frigid cold, a wonderful thing in summer Sedona. She just turned 59 and still has it!  I hope I cliff jump and go down water slides until I’m 100.

The cliffs weren’t monstrous, but still a blast.  There’s boy #1 and boy #2! Wheeeee!

Not to be outdone, six-year-old Paige decided she wanted to jump too!  I didn’t think she’d do it.  She just barely learned to swim and the couldn’t tough the bottom.  At the encouragement of her brother, my baby girl made the big leap.  I can’t tell you how much she’s changed this year.  She’s like a flower blooming…and we’re so proud of that big brother.

More pics, including brother Eric throwing my baby boy in the water; an annual tradition.

This is yours truly.  It was taken last year by Cassie, my sister-in-law, who understands the importance of capturing such moments.  It’s one of my favorites because how many pictures do I have like this?  Um, one.  I’ll have you know I put down the camera this year so I could make another mighty leap with my sister.  Exhilarating!  My fear of heights dissipates when I’m over water.  I can leap.

My little Brynne.  Always fearless!

Eric, my brother, torturing my boy again

But then my dad and brother Patrick, got him back

After many hours of fun, it was time to head back, out of the beauty and wild of Sedona

Away from the red rock

Into Phoenix and then further to Scottsdale, in the shadow of the McDowell Mountains.  More desert beauty, more family reunion memories to be made…
While in Arizona, should one visit Sedona?  Check.



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