A Random Post, Because it’s Been Awhile

By May 7, 2013 6 Comments
1.  I was supposed to do a fit tip yesterday, wasn’t I?

The husband keeps saying I can follow him around and take pictures of him stretching and doing push-ups and such, but so far he’s made himself awfully scarce.  

2.  I was further distracted from fit tips because of AN INCIDENT.  Involving Anna the chicken and…the dog.  It was a traumatizing moment for us all that I will write about later.  Deep breaths…

Now let us turn our attention to appliances.

3.  Months without a microwave:  FOUR

4.  Weeks without a dishwasher:  THREE

5.  Days without an oven:  TEN

6.  Days without a mini-van:  TWO

Yep.  Everything is breaking.  I don’t miss the microwave (shocking, no?) but everything else?  I just LOVE when we get to spend our tax return on ovens and dishwashers!

7.  I look at this when I’m depressed:
My college roommate painted it.  It’s me, dreaming of my Prince Charming.  

Being kissed like that
Grabbing the collar and all

I just found that picture.  Isn’t it great? That’s my wedding veil next to it.

8.  She called me “Star.”  Because I liked that name.
9.  Thank goodness I have all those magazines to read.  Do you dream of being dropped on a desert island so you can just READ?  Or is this just me?

10.  Pioneer girls gone wild

With a long skirts
and long blowing hair

With the sun and the wind at their backs

11.  I’m often reminded, when I look out the window, that I found Prince Charming.  

12.  I smile every time I go downstairs to the girl’s NEW BEDROOM and see what she’s reading.  The dolls next to the Tolstoy.

13.  I praise God above that there are other mothers (like mine!) who know how to hang up pictures because we all know there would be nothing hanging on my walls without my mother. 
ick, ick, ick – measuring!

14.  She pretends otherwise, but my girl misses me when she’s downstairs with the chirping chickens.  She wishes she was still snuggling up to me in bed.

15.  We both have new shoes (can’t wait to show you mine!)




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