Dear, Sweet Lavinia

By April 25, 2013 10 Comments
We lost a chick yesterday
Lavinia, the smallest of the chicks
too much handling?
too much love?
we’re not sure.

Lavinia was so sweet and small; she just lay down, with labored breathing until she stopped.  And that was that.
The girls took it hard
but had a very nice burial
with gathered stones and dried flowers
and a homemade gravestone

Of course the paparazzi (their mother) had to capture it all.

I’ve seen Brynne walk down to the burial site, several times, with letters she has been reading to Lavinia.  Of course, when she’s not watching I’ll go down and read them because I’m very snoopy like that.

The fact that it was Lavinia made it all that more dramatic.
A solemn occasion

Ah, life is hard on the farm.



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