Monday Fit Tip: Inexpensive Running Gloves

I know it’s cold, but you still gotta get out there. Before we know it, spring will be here and you will be happy your were faithful! 
As much as I love running gear, here’s a little secret:  You can get away with just a little.
This is a 2-pack from Old Navy for $2.50.  

When I run in the winter, my hands start out tucked into little balls underneath the arm sleeve of my thumbed running shirt.

Eventually my hands begin to emerge until they are all the way out of my thumb tabs.  Sometimes the gloves get peeled half-way off, sometimes all the way off.

You sweat when you run.  Your body warms you up.  Gloves are necessary for a winter run, but cheap, cotton gloves usually work just fine unless it’s super-duper cold.  Like in Alaska.  Then I’d opt for a running mitten with a removable top.

But don’t wait until you have the perfect glove.  Your body knows what to do.  

I know it’s cold.  Block that thought out.  That winter run is going to release happy endorphins for a cold and dreary winter’s day.  I’m writing this to psych myself up for tomorrow when the cold Canada wind is swooping down.  Down.  Down.  Which reminds me, Downton Abby anyone?  We taped it to watch for tonight!  Wahoo…hey, that can be your run reward.  Deal.

p.s.  I suggest polka-dot.  If the run doesn’t make you happy, the dots will.

p.p.s.  Cope says that I never write about her.  Honey, this one’s for you:  The $100 Dollar Allowance.


4 thoughts on “Monday Fit Tip: Inexpensive Running Gloves


    Loving the polka dots. That pattern cheers me up to no end. While I doubt I’ll ever go running to the point of being fit, I would wear those gloves walking. That’s good enough, right? 😉

  2. Julia Tomiak

    Will this be a new weekly series? Love the fit tips- the perfect complement to the Runner Food series. And you’re right, simple cotton works well until you’ve warmed up- and if you drop one (as I have)- no big loss.
    I vote for polka dots too!


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