These Happy Golden Years

We always go get our tree the Saturday after Thanksgiving because daddy is so busy between now and Christmas.  I wish we could say we chopped it down like we did a few years ago and everyone ended up cold and crying.  We uh, got it somewhere else.  

No matter where the tree is procured, the night of decorating has become one of our most favorite nights.

When ornaments are dug out, squealed over, and hung with care

And memories of Christmas’ past are remembered

When an ornament was carefully made for mom and dad. 

When not everyone could color in the lines.  I hold these ornaments as my favorites; a gift made with love for their mother.

Red, the color of love

All the ornaments are hung until the whole tree says, enough!

But wait, we must have a star!  Nelson, what’s that you’re putting up there?

Oh, it’s a duct tape star.  Of course it’s a duct tape star.

Daddy was such a sport and got wrapped

And mama can’t figure out the iso and aperture on the camera, but never mind, we’re just amazed no one has dropped our first ornament, from 15 years ago, when it all began with a true Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

But really began with the baby.

We watched a beautiful Christmas devotional tonight.  We heard songs and felt that great feeling of peace.  And this I tell myself, at the beginning of another busy work week, this is the feeling of Christmas.  Simple. Family.  Love.  Giving.  Receiving.  That is the power of Jesus Christ.  And the title of that Laura Ingalls book kept coming to my mind when I looked around the room…these happy golden years.  Truly.


7 thoughts on “These Happy Golden Years

  1. annewoodman

    How lovely, Amy! We all love decorating the tree, too. Well, my husband does the lights, and then he’s pretty done with the whole thing. ; )

    Our 15th wedding anniversary is this Thursday! We have an ornament that a thoughtful friend bought us that year that says “1997.” Thank goodness for friends who help us remember to mark the occasion.

    Thanks for sharing your golden years with us.

  2. Haunani Thunell

    Oh, it’s so beautiful. I love that you have ornaments that are meaningful. Our tree looks just like that (only it’s not real) and it’s possible you might see a post just like yours in the coming days. 🙂


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