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An Elf Ornament and Runner’s Holiday Granola

By December 14, 2012 2 Comments
Miles run: 5.5 
Yippee – we can still run outside!  

There hasn’t been much cleaning or cooking around here this week.  Brynne has got me elf-crafting. Gasp.  I know.
Mothers work in mysterious ways.  Two years ago I bought supplies to make this elf ornament I saw on CloverLane.  Two years ago.  That’s kind of how I do crafts…oh!  that’s looks like so much fun…oh, the craft store is so exhausting…I’m too tired to make it now.  Let’s do it in two years…

Imagine crafty Brynne’s delight when she discovered a bag with all the supplies needed for such a project.  We wanted to share the joy.
Supplies Needed:
Crayola Air-Dry Clay
Pine Cones (preferably fat and flat-bottomed. Now you really want to make it, no?)
Colored Felt
Small Pom-Poms
Pipe Cleaner
Glue gun
(forget the feathers above, that was for another project I never made)
1.  First, roll clay to make the elf head.  I bought all of the supplies at Michael’s.  No baking necessary.  (imagine all the great things you could make out of this clay!)

Brynne rolled and rolled and let the elf heads dry overnight.

It’s so hard to wait!

2.  Draw some cute faces with sharpies

3.  Cut a wide-based triangle out of felt.  
4.  Glue-gun a string on, and continue gluing down the felt for a long line of hot glue.  Quickly fold the triangle into a little hat.  This was hard for us, but we persevered 🙂 Caution – it’s hot!

Trim hat

5.  Glue pom-pom on top

6.  Glue hat on head
7.  Glue head on top of pine cone.  Again, much easier with flat-bottomed cones.  Let dry.

8.  Cut and tie scarf around elf


9.  Cut pipe cleaner, little boots, and little mittens.  Then glue gun them together.

10.  Glue gun onto elf.  Cheese!

Because our pine cones were so long and skinny, our elves had lots of personality.

Some became superhero flying elves, some were babies wrapped in a pine cone cocoon, no arms or legs necessary.

Singing elf

This is kicker

Runner elf

Scaredy elf

Wicked elf

Brynne was so pleased and has already assigned them out to the perfect person she must give to.  I like that she made her gifts, and I have to admit, crafts…are…fun.  There, I said it.  We shall now have a section on the blog called, Don’t Call Me Crafty, with Brynne tutorials.

It’s supposed to be weekend recipe day, but as you can see, the elves won.  Never fear, if you’d like a twist on a recipe, here is a Runner’s Holiday Granola.  I submitted it quickly last week and learned that it went in both the print and web edition of the Deseret News.  The email said I should be very pleased, as space is incredibly limited in print editions, and only the highest degree of work is published.  

This made me laugh out loud thinking of the hours of time I have spent on some articles, but the granola recipe is the one that made it into real print.  I think this just goes to show, that we must stop and embrace our destiny, whatever it may be.  Mine is obviously to spread the good word of granola.
Runner’s Holiday Granola is the same recipe as Amy’s Runner’s Granola, except I added green pumpkin seeds to make it more Christmas-like.  And of course when I eat it, I add some pomegranate!

Tied up with a ribbon, the bird food is ready to deliver (something a nice elderly lady once called my gift 🙂


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