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The month leading up to the holiday of thanks, there were many reminders that life can change very quickly; the snap of the fingers, the blink of an eye.  It came in the form of a childhood friend’s death, a mother’s crippling depression, a father’s diagnosis, a plane crash.  Capped off with a hurricane hitting the east coast terribly hard.  These all circled around me in the periphery, yet hitting so close to home I was often in tears. 

My go-to strategy are my running shoes.  Thank goodness the pies weren’t made yet!  Instead of pie I ran on open country roads.  Endorphins, my friends. It’s a good, good thing.

Questioning, wondering, hurting, and eventually thankful for what is left.  God is so good to us and pain is humbling, isn’t it?

Life changes quickly.
We do not know the time or the hour when life will be so different than today.
And so, on Thanksgiving day my heart was very full.  We were surrounded by happy cousins, shrieking girls, funny uncles, adoring aunties.  The family was so happy.  So wonderful.  
I felt still.
If I only had today, then at least I had today.  And that was good enough.
I am thankful for a sweet girl who makes me do crafts like Gobble Gobble napkin holders, bursting with excitement as we prepared for loads of friends, cousins, aunts, and uncles.  She reminds me that crafts can be fun.  These are just my level.

Thankful for my boy and Baby Sydnie (thankful for her parents came too 🙂 arrived from New York as our indomitable 62-year-old Grandma Heather was deployed from New Hampshire to New York by the American Red Cross to clean up after the hurricane.  She will be gone for a minimum of 21 days unless the clean-up goes quicker than expected. Indomitable woman, I say!
Thankful for brothers.  And that the brothers and the grandpa cook the feast.  And then the stove died. Sigh…never fear, we found some ovens!

Thankful for beauty
And soup.  Black bean and squash soup made by Gregor.  I don’t even like squash, but I love this.  I will have to sneak into kitchen next time and take photos and steal recipe for you.  I often say, “we don’t need all those extras to make it look pretty.” He just looks at me.  After you taste it, a dollop of sour cream and a sprig of cilantro is obviously a necessity.

Thanksgiving morning came early-bird early with a cousin bonfire.  Nothing like a little marshmallow breakfast.

Or…some burnt sugar on a stick
But we’re not picky (um..sorry, sister. We were going to keep this an auntie secret 🙂

This is my twin brother, Peter!  Oh my goodness, he sure loves his baby girl. 

A table was set
For some sweet potato pie

A feast consumed

Thanksgiving comas ensued…triptophan?  “All I know is that turkey makes me tired,” Gregor says.
Dear, dear Grandpa. We spoke of Grandma, wondering where she was on a cold New York night, who she was having Thanksgiving with in a hurricane ravaged area.

Special guests wonder why that girl can’t put the camera down.

Did I mention pie?
Or whipped creme?

Parting is such sweet sorrow.  But maybe they’ll get more sleep.

In the indomitable Grandma’s latest email she asked that we appreciate and love each other on the special day of Thanksgiving because not everyone has a family that feels such love for one another.  I often ask, how did I get so lucky?  

I don’t know, but I feel more committed to be a better mother, wife, sister, friend today.  Because tomorrow?  Who knows.  Life changes quickly.  So today, it should count.  I am thankful just for today.

Happy Thanksgiving…and tomorrow dear mothers, I’ll give away that book!  Today I sure am thankful for you too.  xo.  



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