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I’ve been wanting a DSLR Canon camera for a few years now, but husband keeps telling me we have a great camera and I just need to get to know it better – become friends – become one.  I have to say, I do love my point and shoot.  Gregor bought it for me for Christmas.  He’s always pushing me to try out technology.  I swear, I’d still be taking pictures with film if it weren’t for him.
I’m constantly pulling out my camera.  It’s a Canon Elph, less than $200.  It’s a great bargain for such great quality.
Normally I don’t mess with the settings.  I just keep it on Automatic and have the camera adjust.  Sometimes I go to the effort of turning off the flash, which photographers seem to constantly advise.
But.  The other day Gregor was playing soccer (I am out again.  Foot. Sad face) and I had my little elph.  
G just looooooves when I begin snapping away. However, the automatic setting wasn’t getting the job done.  Soccer players move too fast and there was nothing but blur.  I adjusted to the “Kids and Pets” settings and got a much better photo.  This is the only other setting I ever go to.
But then I decided to mess.  I switched to “High-Speed Burst.”  I don’t like to mess because then I can’t get the camera back.  But really, how hard is it?  It’s not at all!  I’m encouraging you to all mess.  “High-Speed Burst” is great for action shots.  It takes a series of pictures in a row and you decide which one is best.
When I exclaimed how excited I was, Brynne said, “You’re just figuring those out now?”  I know, it’s ridiculous how long it’s taken me.

I’ll never be lazy again.

My new favorite setting:  “Miniature.”  It focuses the middle and blurs the background.  It also boost color beautifully. 

Another “Miniature” shot with flavor ice.

“Toy Camera Effect” darkens image edges

“Monochrome” records images in a single color

“Super Vivid”

“Poster Effect”

“Color Accent” captures one single color and B&W for the rest of the photo

“Color Swap” changes one color for another

“Low Light”

“Natural Light”

“Fish-eye Effect” shoots with the effect of a fish-eye lens

“Miniature” effect

“Toy-Camera Effect”

“Miniature” photo of Grandma’s freshly pinted honey from her beehives.  Only 15 bee stings later.

Another “Miniature.”  I think it’s such a cool setting.


A “Fish-eye Effect” of the ocean will look like a tsunami

“Monochrome”  I didn’t like this for the beach.  The beach should have color.
“Automatic” setting

“Automatic” with a flash

Cope snaps a picture on “Beach” setting.  One for bright sunlight.

“Miniature” capturing my first-ever pedicure.  Look at that photo detail.  

Cope didn’t pose for this “Miniature” shot.  I just liked it.

Last “Miniature”
Someday, I will buy a big DSLR.  But is there a great need if I know my settings better and don’t need to blow my pictures up to poster size?  Someday I’ll actually take a photography class.  Maybe someday I will actually read the manual!  
Do you have a DSLR?  How did you learn photography?  Do you have advice?  I am loving learning.  It’s such an art.



  • Great experimenting. I have a camera with all kinds of crazy settings. I started to mess, but then I couldn’t remember what did what, and then I couldn’t get it to the setting I wanted for those shots that happen too fast and give you no time to plan (mostly wildlife shots, which are my favorite to take).

    Looks like you’ll get a lot of use out of it. Great fun!

  • thewalshies says:

    I have the big DSLR but I think I like yours better! Very cool settings – mine has some but I don’t really know how to use them… Plus the big one is bulky and hard to carry around – I say stick with the Elph!

  • Amy, you and I are photography kindred spirits! Bosom buddies! I feel we are at the very same place, wanting to learn more and experimenting with what we have. I do not have a DSLR. Personally I am a super vivid and a toy camera effect fan. However, after a few weeks of going nuts with crazy settings, I went back to natural. I want to understand light better. Let’s take this photography journey together! (Was that nerdy?)

  • annewoodman says:

    Wow. I can totally relate. I am always scared to try new technology things, and my husband and son laugh at me.

    We do have a nice, wonderful camera. My husband even bought a big, long lens with it. I originally thought it was a luxury expense that we didn’t need to afford, but wow! Was I wrong! I have loved that camera!!!! It captures sports like a champ. We have the most amazing action shots that I never could have gotten from our old (actually wonderful) point and shoot.

    You have taken some great photos with great effects. I certainly don’t experiment enough with our camera. But I LOVE taking photos and seeing what emerges. Digital photography takes all of that fear away that used to be there when I was young (you never wanted to waste the film!).

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