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It’s school vacation week!  So far, so good.  Yesterday we left for the dentist at 7:50 a.m. and arrived home at 4.  The kids were all-stars.  I give Daddy’s ipad full credit.  And the free Angry Birds download.  In August we go to our regular dentist that we love very much and every February we go to NHTI dental clinic that we love very much because they are nice and they are cheap.  For $15 your child (or yourself) can get a fluoride treatment, bite wing x-rays, and a cleaning.  Sealants are only $8 a tooth.  It takes a long time because instructors have to check work, but hey, tell the kids to suck it up.  And then take them out to lunch.  My bill was $60 versus $485.  I could do a happy dance just thinking about it.

Anyway, it’s cold, cold, and windy outside.  Last year at this time we were gearing up for this vacation in the Outer Banks, North Carolina.  Isn’t that a great name?  Outer Banks…

Upon arrival we felt the effects of the terrible tsunami disaster in Japan, half a world away.

The ocean was calling my name.  It asked me to come, and I almost went.

We stood at the precipice of that great ocean.  In our tutus.

We were supposed to go back this year if only to get the Christmas card photo op.
Every morning I ran on this beach all by myself.  There was never another human in sight.  There is a word for this:  Bliss.
This morning I made myself go outside, in the snowy and hilly New Hampshire terrain.  The wind was so wicked I came back inside after running down the driveway.  Then I stewed.  And made myself go back out and complete 4 miles.  Mostly because I had to wash my hair.  And we don’t wash our hair around here unless we deserve it!  
This year we are spending our tax return on the basement, to make a room for Cope.  With every nail put in the wall, every dry wall mounted…I will be dreaming of sun and sand and the Outer Banks.  
The things we do for love.


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  • Lindsey says:

    “Mostly because I had to wash my hair. And we don’t wash our hair around here unless we deserve it!” Favorite line ever! 🙂 I am exactly the same way.

    Sorry you’re not in NC! Those pictures are making me wish we were going somewhere warm!

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