A Young Woman With a Capital "C"

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This summer the big C turned 12.  That meant she graduated from Primary, where all the kids are, ages 3-12 during church.  It’s where I’ve been for years, with my sweet babes around me, all four kids together.  But in January, when I looked around, my oldest wasn’t there.  It happened!  She moved on without me.  How rude.
She didn’t think it was rude, oh no, Cope was soooooo excited.  I admit, although she wasn’t in the same room with me, I was feeling so lucky that she had entered a program I have complete faith in.  Ms. Cope is a “Young Woman.”  She has new leaders that swooped in and carried her off into this wonderful world of goals, personal progress, and summer camp.  I’m also hoping they reinforce my latest mantra (passed on from my father):  Boy are bad.  We’ll see.  They are going to play a big part of her life in the next few years.
Her leaders had a party just for Cope, to help her feel welcome.  To her, they just about walk on water.
And if there’s Friendly’s Forbidden Chocolate, you can bet I’m in on the action.

Cope is the first of a slew of girls entering the program.  She feels quite mature, quite ready to lead and pave the way for the younger girls.

She got her Young Women’s Booklet and was hopping up and down, ready to finish it in one day, even though it’s a book to work on until she’s 18, when she graduates from the program.  In this Young Women’s booklet are goals to work on.  They are all spiritual in nature.  
When I finished the program many years ago, I yelped, “Yea!  No more goals!”  and my teacher was so appalled, “What do you mean?  You’re just starting,” she implored.  Poor dear.  She thought she had failed.  But I was serious.  I was done with goals.
Ha. She was right, it was just the start of many many goals to be made in life.  She had prepared me well.
The Young Women’s Program has 8 values:
Divine Nature
Individual Worth
Choice and Accountability
Good Works

I see a lot of kids on a daily basis.  My eyes light up with excited 3-year-olds, I empathize with disillusioned 15-year-olds.  I talk with confident 16-year-olds, and my heart hurts when an 8-year-old has a life that is already too hard.  I want to say, Don’t you know who you are?  Let me tell you about your divine nature!
In this house, we are on the verge of high school, on the verge of great decisions.  Who doesn’t want their child to be everything they can be?
Tonight, Cope wanted to pass off one of her goals, so she taught a lesson to her family.  We tried to sit very still and listen and not poke each other, stick out tongues, or laugh out loud.  Her lesson was on Faith.  I watched her read and teach.  I saw her hesitate, stumble over what exactly she wanted to say, then come confidently to the finish. I saw the way her eyes searched for meaning, they way her brain reached conclusions based on knowledge, prayer, and personal experience.  
I was reminded that children don’t stay small for long, they grow and can become something really really great.  Proud of you, Big C.


  • Lindsey says:

    Awww. This is so sweet. It gives me hope for the future since I’m pretty much terrified for my boys to grow up and turn into their own little people (that sounds bad, doesn’t it? Oh well, you know what I mean!). You guys are doing a great job with those kids. Glad we have such a great example to follow and people to share their wisdom with us! 🙂

  • AmyMak says:

    Thanks Lindsey…sometimes it’s good for me to post the nice things my children do 🙂

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