My Siblings in a Winnie-the-Pooh World

By January 20, 2012 2 Comments

After much thought and reflection, I’ve come to the conclusion of how my siblings would fit into the world of Winnie the pooh.

Starting with the baby of the family, Patrick was Eeyore growing up.  He had to do all the work.  Now that he’s grown, he’s a mature Eeyore.  Unassuming, quiet(er) unless he needs to say something, shakes his head at Tigger, and comes through when needed.

A happier Eeyore these days.

Andrea was always Owl.  Wise, book-smart, wore glasses, still offers good advice, and is easy to be around.

“Let me get the sliver out of your foot – I know what’s good for you!”

Eric is obviously Tigger.  Was always Bouncy, funny, and loved to irritate Rabbit.  He’s the most social of the siblings, and likes adventure.
I’ve been waiting oh so long to use this picture.  Still that kid at heart!

Who am I?  Though I do have Kangish qualities now, I think I used to be more like Roo.  Always the smallest and shortest, I liked to laugh at the rest of the gang.  Sometimes Roo got into trouble for not thinking, going along with the adventure and getting stuck in a tree.

Peter was Rabbit growing up because Tigger annoyed him so much, but now they’ve come to a mutual point of understanding.  Rabbit appreciates Tigger and pats him loving on the head, even while being exasperated at his antics.  Rabbit likes to be prepared and gives good speeches. 

I saw cjane do this, but she was lucky.  There are nine siblings in her family so everyone took a part.  But if I threw in Gregor and his siblings…we’d have another Eyeore, a Winnie-the-Pooh, and Christopher Robin for sure!  How about some Heffalumps for good measure?

I wonder if my siblings would agree?  Living in the Hundred Acred Wood.



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