Thanksgiving and Black Friday

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Thanksgiving was different this year.  Instead of our usual house packed-full-of-Makechnies, it was rather quiet.  Alison left for New York with Sydnie (have I mentioned severe baby withdrawel?), my mom left for Arizona, the Makechnie brothers came and went for a funeral.  Ian is out at school, Seth and Vince went to Hawaii, Kim and Glenn are about to have a baby…I was feeling rather sad about this; I’ve decided that I like our home bursting from the seams on holidays.
Thankfully, Steven, Tiffany, Johnny and Jessica flew in from California and Alana came from Massachusetts.  On Thanksgiving eve, we did nails.  Mine were embarrassingly terrible.  I’m very hard on my hands.  They need some extra love and attention.
Then we had a feast a day early at Grandma’s.  This is the only picture I took.  Can you believe it?
Thank you for coming to visit us!  

Thanksgiving morning there was no turkey trot for me.  Instead we trotted up to Smugglers’ Notch Vermont to meet up with our other Neeham Mass. cousins.

Cousin time!
See all that great snow?  We had a low-key, thoroughly enjoyable, Thanksgiving meal.  The four smallest had their own table.

The big ‘uns had the big table.  Good food, good company.  The meal ended abruptly when Nelson said, “Um, Mom?  The toilet is leaking.”  Brendaen jumped up from the table and ran into the bathroom to discover it was not “leaking,” but “overflowing.” Housekeeping was called.  Girls shrieked.  And Nelson was thoroughly schooled in art of toilet plumbing.  He walked away a better man.

There was a kid room with four beds for all eight children.  Party!!!!  They stayed up too late watching Barishnakov dance in The Nutcracker.  They woke early so they could squeeze in those final moments together and make sure they were overtired and cranky for driving with parents.  We wouldn’t have it any other way.
And then…Black Friday was upon us.
And we were in Vermont.  Taking pictures of farm houses.

And ducks.

And beautiful Lake Champlain in Burlington.  It was gorgeous.  The kids were cold.  This is the best I could do.

Burlington Vermont.  What a fun little town.  They even had a mall that we walked through.  Just so we could be part of the crazy shopping experience.
Next up was Stowe Vermont for a stop at Ben and Jerry’s.  I was starting to get antsy for a run by this time.  Have you noticed that?  The more you do something, the less you can live without it.

Finally, we were in Sharon Vermont, the birthplace of Joseph Smith.  Every year there is a live nativity and a Christmas lighting.  This is the first year we went.  For unto us a child is born…

The lights were beautiful.

We liked the real sheep and donkey.  We liked the music, the apple cider doughnuts, and the cool air that made the hot cider taste even better.

And then, after an unusual, but happy Thanksgiving, we were ready to come home and sleep in our own beds…and wake up to get ready for the next holiday (and a long run.)  But I’m too tired to think about that. Tomorrow I’ll think about it.  It’s off to bed, full of Thanksgiving.  Hope your gobble was just as grand.


  • kimmalee says:

    It looks splendid. How fun to have a little Thanksgiving trip this year! And it sounds like the cousins had so much fun together. So sad we missed it! Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Lindsey says:

    Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving! Love the live nativity – it would be so fun to bring my boys to one of those this year!
    See you soon! Dining Hall opens again tonight! WOOHOO!!! 🙂

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