This year we had some mighty fine and large pumpkins from our very own garden!  Then a neighbor came by and gave us three more.  No trips to the pumpkin patch this year.  We had a fun family home evening digging out pumpkin guts.  
I have dramatic children, no?

Brynne played a witch at school for her class play.  I began to video tape it per her request and I got message, tape ended.  Can you believe I’m still recording on tapes?  I need to get with it.  We’ve got loads of video to convert over.  Sorry B.  But what a cute witch!  It was funny to watch who was so shy and quiet and who didn’t mind an audience.  This one is definitely on the shy side when it comes to public performance.

Oh. Oh. Oh.  You’re about to get a baby fever post.  Because we’ve all got it.  Bad.  Real bad.  Allison and her baby Sydnie are visiting from New York City.  Sydnie is such a doll.  She’s got perfect disposition and the cutest little body.  Everyone wants to hold her.

Her mother dressed baby up as “Old Man Syd.”  We laughed and laughed.  I’m sorry, Sydnie!

This is the first year I’ve done anything with food for Halloween.  Puffed pastry on top of a casserole.  I snuck in sweet potato and parsnips and didn’t tell the kids until after they ate it (insert wicked laugh here.)  They said, That’s what that gross taste was.  Sure.

Jello brain compliments of Grandma Heather.

If there is anyone you want to visit you for Halloween, it’s these two.  Even though Allison is only 5 1/2 weeks out from a C-section, and has not completely healed yet, she still came with a costume!  She’s a Wall Street protester.  And then there’s my mother, master of the witch costume.

Grandma Witch, Bumble-Bee Princess, Kung-Fu Master, Mulan, Princess Paige borrowing Allison’s wig.  She got sick of it after five minutes so I put it on.  You would not believe the amount of compliments I got from that purple and black striped wig!  Maybe I should start wearing one.  Then I wouldn’t have to do my hair.  Dreamy.

Little Mulan
It was a cold and snowy Halloween night.  The girls went home after one street as the older ones persevered down Lawrence Street to see all their friendlies.  I love Halloween.  I love the feeling of dressing up, going out into the dark with other trick-or-treaters, laughing at each other, crunching through leaves (and snow), being scared, raiding the kid’s buckets (this year I’m digging the Almond Joy), and falling into bed content.  Hope you got scared too – Boo!


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