Soccer Jamboree

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Last Saturday was a great day on the soccer field, especially when I looked across the field and saw a rainbow from one side of the field to the other.
The weather was perfect, a little cool, but not too cold.  It was a long day: 11-4:30 with thirty minute games.  The only thing that could have made it better was if I was on the field too instead of the sideline coaching!  But that was fun too.

A beautiful fall day

These two were wonderful.  They played for hours and hours on the sideline, occasionally asking for m&m money, and then would be off again.
Gotta love the mouth guards.
The jamboree was for Cope’s 7th/8th grade soccer team.  Nelson had a tournament in another town so I didn’t get to see him play 🙁 
The other coach and I split up Cope’s team so everyone could play more.  I’ve been coaching Cope’s team since she was six years old.  They used to play in a big beehive, hide behind my legs, and sometimes cry.  Now, they get the game of soccer.  They’ve learned to use space, to dribble without falling over, and to pass before running into someone.  They’re getting so strong, so skilled. What a great reward for any coach.

Cope played well as center mid – thanks Becky for the awesome pictures!

Love it
My sweet girls on a sweet day…

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