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Today was much different than last Saturday.  Last Saturday was Labor Day Weekend and we were headed down to the ocean for one last romp with the cousins!  I love Labor Day.  It always reminds me of riding my bike in college wearing my fabulous overalls and flip flops.  Andrea was on my handlebars and we were laughing like crazy.  Then our crazy new friends (cute boys!) pulled over in their mint-colored pick-up truck and asked us to go water skiing the next morning.  We did, in their mint-colored big boat and wore wet suits and had more fun on a Labor Day weekend than I could remember.   Good times….
Last Saturday I woke up early to get in a 6 mile run before heading out.  Gregor said the salty ocean would be good for my poison ivy (finally, finally! i believe i am over the awful affliction, though my stomach looks like leprosy).  We packed up yummy sandwiches and snacks and away we went.  We went to Rye Beach in Portsmouth where the water was still feeling the effects of Hurricane Irene.
Perfectly awesome waves!
Too big! Brynne wailed, but clung possessively to that boogie board.  We only have two so you gotta make your turn worth it.

Gregor and Cope are always fearless with shockingly-cold water…Gregor physically pulled me in so I could get in on the action.  Stop it! I kept saying.  Despite the fact I almost lost my sunglasses and did lose my hair clip, I was glad!  I had the best time body surfing and boogie boarding it back, catching the best wave of my life.

The surfers were out by the dozen.  Brynne got over her fear of the big waves…

And then we ran into this surfer dude – Drew!  He’d been surfing for hours and was feeling mighty tired. Here he catches up with Brendaen.  Drew is the coolest.

The kids caught up with cousins…oh we love our cousins so.

I love how the brothers have their serious conversations whenever we are together.  The tide grew higher and higher until finally we were perched on rocks and the boys were talking in the ocean.

This was one picture in a series of five.  It was hilarious trying to get these girls together.  Ella was trying her hardest to pull Grace over, who was not having it!  Brynne and Chloe finally have the picture-taking thing down.  The trick is to smile sweetly and mom will go away.

The oldest:  Cope and Hailey stay in the ocean as long as possible.

Despite the fact we had JUST stopped at McDonald’s to get the kids an ice-cream cone and Gregor and I shared a massive soda, (isn’t soda so great after an ocean trip?) Gregor saw this place and just HAD to stop.  Oh boy, it was good.  He got 6 cupcakes – 2 Canoli, 2 Peanut Butter Cup, and 2 Chocolate Cream.  We devoured them greedily in the car.  Mmmmm.

I had to take a picture of this scenic sight painted onto another building.  I love Portsmouth.  Such character.

We arrived home and had our first bonfire in our new fire pit, courtesy of Glenn and Gregor who “handmade” the circle by the sweat of their brows.  Love that homade feel, huh Seth???  S’mores, fire, pictures, the sun going down.  A great weekend.
And then school started and BAM! we are in the thick of things.  Summer is a long-past dream I wistfully think about between whistle blows and math homework.  This week my husband is suddenly absent (sports camp!), there were 6 soccer practices and 2 games, a middle school open house, young women, a doctor’s appt, visiting teaching, a playdate, homework galore, book covering, emotional breakdowns, and some serious running mileage.  Um, when are we supposed to fit piano in?  We’re trying to cram that in too while Cope is making noise about starting to sing a choir that has it’s own orchestra…Yep, school has started.  And with Labor Day, this was a short week!  A great thing happened too:  the dining hall 🙂

We’ll take it though.  We are healthy, the sun is shining, and fall is approaching.  My favorite season…even if there is no body surfing.



  • Lindsey says:

    Looks like you guys had an awesome labor day! Did you just randomly run in to Drew or did he go down with you guys? Love the new fire pit! And we, too, are going through husband/daddy withdraws, but are so thankful for the dining hall and the cooler days! Yay for fall!

  • kimmalee says:

    That looks just plain wonderful. The cousins do get along so well, don’t they? It’s so fun to watch them play. Glad you braved the cold and didn’t regret it. I’m shivering just looking at it. Looks beautiful out there.

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