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4th of July!

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After two years away, we were happy to be in Andover for the Fourth of July.  Our cute little town of 2000 attracts thousands for its famous patriotic party.  The day started early; Cope, Nelson and I left the house at 7:30 to set up our junk yard sale on the green, along with half the town.  I have to admit, bargaining for great items is one of my favorite parts of the day!  The kids sold everything for $1 – mostly movies we needed to clean out.  As soon as they made some money they sprinted across the lawns to buy more junk toys!  Nelson scored with nerf guns and the girls each got a new barbie.  A good day for all.
While Cope manned the yard sale, Nelson and I ran the 5k firecracker and then got ready for the big parade.

The town wanted to thank Proctor for its town contribution, so through default, Gregor ended up as the parade’s Grand Marshal!  He’s on the other side of the carriage so you can’t see him, but he got to wave and ride in this fancy ride.  Unfortunately, that is not him in the Uncle Sam outfit either, nor was there any top-hat or twirling batons.  He did say that the carriage is a most romanticized way of travel – he wouldn’t want to travel across the country this way.  But we had lots of fun yelling his name and teasing him.  Good work, Mr. Grand Marshal!

I love the Lion’s Club, the drummers, the bag-pipes, and flutists.

Of course Brynne and Paige’s favorite part of the parade was the candy thrown – they made out like it was Halloween!  Cope observed that now that she’s older, she doesn’t get as much candy thrown at her.  Ah, it’s hard to grow up.

The famous Andover one-wheelers!  I love this.
Nelson and his scout troop were in the parade.  Why can’t boys stop touching each other?  Poke, poke, hit, hit, kick, cry, poke, poke…
The scout and the marshal

Your scout shirt might attract the attention of a certain presidential candidate!  Yes, Mitt was in town for the celebration! “Did you ask him about the economy?” Gregor asked.  Nelson forgot.  
Governor Romney spoke for a few moments and mentioned he’d just finished Laura Hillenbrand’s book, Unbroken.  My ears perked up.  Forget healthcare, let’s talk books!  Thank you Chuck Will, for this photo.  I have a couple elbows and extra heads in the shot I tried to get.  Chuck writes more about this day at:  Chuck’s Corner
That funny car

Brynne meets up with old friends

Next we rushed off to Nelson’s boat race for scouts – The Raingutter Regatta!

The beautiful Blackwater

Blow Nelson!  He didn’t win the race, but had a good time.  After the boat race we sped home to get ready for company, had a great bbq with friends from Pembroke and Franklin, then watched a great show of fireworks.  We all fell into bed exhausted, a bit sunburned, and happy.  We are a blessed nation.  I was happy to be reminded of it.  Happy birthday America!

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