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An Ocean Adventure

By July 14, 2011 One Comment
We try to do two ocean trips a summer.  While at swimming lessons last week, Gregor and I were discussing the best day to go before our trip west.  “Want to go right now?” I asked.  “Sure,” he said.  “Really?” I said. “Let’s go!”  So we did…
New Hampshire has miles of ocean shoreline and it’s only an hour and a half away.  A spontaneous adventure was just what we needed.  We went to Rye beach.  It was packed but still loads of fun.

An ocean-front home.  This was a great contrast to where we were in North Carolina.  This public beach is right in front of hundreds of homes.  Still, a great “cottage.”

New Hampshire water is notoriously cold.  It’s soooo hard for me to take the plunge.  My kids?  They don’t mind a bit.  Our favorite thing to do is surf in on the boogie boards.  Here’s Nelson coming in after a great ride.

Brynne was fearless.  She definitely needs more swimming lessons because she was way out there riding the giant waves in.  Sweet!

Oooooh…there’s that board I want out there.  And there’s Nelson, Brynne, Cope, and Daddy.  Cope and G were without boards.  They body surf into shore.

Waiting for that perfect wave.

Paige was so funny.  She would try to race the waves in and scream as they came closer.  Two years ago I was messing with my new camera and Gregor was walking the dog.  I turned to take a picture of her and she was gone.  It was one of the most terrifying minutes of my life.  We found her way way down the beach.  The mommy patrol took charge and led me to her.  Whew.  This year she made another run for it.  Suddenly gone.  I ran down the beach and asked what in the world was she doing?  She shrugged and smiled at me.  Kids.

Nice spot

Hours of surfing fun.  Cope was getting mad at me after I still hadn’t dunked after two hours.  Finally I did it, and boy was it worth it.  Boogie board surfing is a rush – I felt like I was ten.

We were all a bit red but very happy.  And of course we had to stop at Johnson’s on the way home for HUGE bowls of ice-cream.  Their kiddie size could feed a small country.  Yummy.  
A day at the ocean? A day well spent.

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