The annual tradition continues…
It was hot and humid but we had fun.  Ben came in, then me, then Nelson with a 26min. time, then Copester, comin’ in strong.  She wasn’t happy with her time, but we were happy she ran!

Emily is ahead of me pushing the DOUBLE stroller.  She was also flanked by Annie and Brynne, the entire race, while battling the mosquitos and of course, the black flies.  She is super mama.  I came back for Annie as Paige wanted to run in with her cousin.

Nelson asked if he could run another race the next Saturday!  The bouncy house in the back was a huge hit for parents and kids.

This girl cried when she was put into a stroller instead of getting to run.  But with the help of a medal and Cheetos, she survived.

The raffles were awesome this year!  Nelson won a kayak rental and I won this great bag of goodies – lotion, body wash, fudge, a notebook, soap, a hook, and African earrings to wear with my African clothes!  Daddy won fudge for pushing Paige and Mychal Reynolds.  Mmmmm.

So happy the Castleton cousins came to be with us.  Nelson, Dennison, and baby Brigham who is suddenly a 3 year old little boy!

Eight kids proved to be quite entertaining…

After the race Cope went horse back riding for a birthday party…hard life, huh?

The 80+ degree weather pushed us right into Highland Lake.  Whew.

Fabulous weather, beautiful water, and cousins who all got along.  We’re already planning the next rendezvous.

Ben gives Nelson some excitement.

Cousins wrestling like wild puppies in the water.  Nelson still can’t stand to go under water without his giant goggles.  We all got sunburned.  I had to get this shot b/c of that Yolo surfboard in the background.  I know that faculty member on it!  Maybe I should tell him he’s on my blog 🙂
The day ended with a quick bbq and then off to the Wilmot parade where Cope played with her middle school marching band.  They marched down the street and ended up at a war memorial.  Guns were fired, taps was played, followed by the bagpipes.  It was probably my favorite part of the day and made me pause for just a moment…we have so much.


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