Thoughts on a Friday

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1.  Thank you for your validating thoughts and comments regarding my Bachelor addiction.  I have gotten some very funny emails…especially regarding husbands who can’t help themselves either!

2.  We have a chicken in our kitchen.  Seriously.  Good story.  Another post.  We considered putting a diaper on it but nixed the idea.  She sits in a kennel and has laid two eggs in two days.  Baaawwk baawwwk!  all day long.  Today Paige yelled, “Be quiet you chicken.  I’m trying to watch my show!”  It really stinks too.  Forget last comment.  Anyone want a pet chicken?

3.  Games my children are loving:  Sorry, Hi-Ho Cheerio (Paige and Brynne), and Killer Bunnies.

4.  Elder Ian Makechnie is coming home on Valentine’s Day!

5.  I’m excited for Valentine’s Day.  I’m mulling fudgy brownies, sugar cookies, or Red Velvet Cupcakes.  How to choose?  Brynne has already started her cards.

6.  Our March North Carolina trip is paid.  I can’t wait.  We have room for guests…

7.  The basement specialist came.  He gave us a quote to fix water issues and finish a bedroom and large family area.  A mere $40,000.  Um…  The question is: Do you spend more initially or pay later with less quality work?  I think I know the answer.  Gregor said I needed a job.  I won’t tell you what I said.  He ammended his statement.  I love my husband.

8.  We girls in the family loved loved loved PBS Masterpieces Downton Abbey.  We were so sad it ended but thrilled there will be a second season.

9.  Paige is learning her letters.  Whenever she sees an uppercase A she yells, “Up down across!”  When I ask what letter that is she says, “Up down across!”  I think I’m not doing this right.

10.  I spoke with a mother yesterday who had two children under two.  Once, when I was in tears, having the same feelings, I had someone tell me, “You are laying the foundation of a great work.  Someday your sons will call you blessed.”  The first thing I thought was, “Sons!”  and then I was grateful.  All the hard work will be worth it.  I cross my fingers and hope.


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