Chicken Delivery

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The chicken left the kitchen and this is how it happened…The first question:  Do we bring the chicken in the kennel or just bring it in the car?  Problem was I had the little Civic and kennel wouldn’t fit, plus it’s much more awkward to carry to car.  So, we had to catch chicken and wrap towel around it.  Heaven forbid a chicken poops in daddy’s car.  He’d never get over it.  I was left with this duty. 
We had our last bonding moment

“Mommy,” Paige said, “Are you serious?”  
Paige was voted “Most Likely to Hold Chicken Appropriately and Not Squeeze or Let Go.” Wait, she’s the three-year-old.  But Brynne gave her that duty anyway.  I laughed all the way to delivery point.  Paige was so good!  The chicken sat quietly and didn’t peck or try to fly.  I think she knew something was up.  We were hoping for one last egg on Paige’s lap but it didn’t happen.

Our friends, Jamie and Toby, told us to bring the chicken over and put it with the others.  We were greeted by an ENORMOUS 300+ pound pig.

“Mommy!” Brynne wailed.  “We’re leaving our chicken with that?”  More laughing.

The goat got a little over-excited but finally the chicken was released.  The pig, goat, and other chickens welcomed her with frolickings of all sorts.

“Wait,” chicken said, “You’re not leaving me are you?”
She perched on one leg and watched us walk away.  The girls almost cried.
Apparently our hen is the only chicken that doesn’t have her wings clipped.  She constantly flies around and perches on top of the coop, lays an egg, and the egg rolls off the coop and breaks.  I’m sure Jamie and Toby are loving us now.  
It’s school vacation week and it’s been nutty with too much driving in the car but visits with far-away friends and cousins whom we adore.  We’ve had many adventures, none of which involve chickens. Phew.

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