"Just Round Down!"

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Have you ever felt guilty over spending money?  Have you ever had a pit in your stomach when thinking of how to explain a certain expenditure to your husband?  Or perhaps you don’t feel guilty, just get “creative” on how you present a new purchase to your spouse.

Recently I overheard some very funny conversation regarding this subject.  Of course I was an innocent bystander and wasn’t an actual participant.  I would never use such tactics!

Names have been changed to protect marital happiness.

Wilma:  “Fred is going to be so mad but I really needed this new pencil skirt!  And it was such a good deal!”

Cher:  “Come on girl, it was only 20 bucks.”

Wilma:  “Actually it was 30, well, 29.99.”

Cher:  (rolling eyes) “Don’t you know you have to round down?  When he asks how much it was you say, ‘Oh it was like 20 bucks’ like no big deal, (shrug shoulders, off-handedly casual-like).  Girl, you always round down.”

Cher’s not the only one with strategy.  Other women told me this:

After shopping you discover your husband has gotten home before you.  Uh-oh.  Easy fix.  Leave the shopping bags in the trunk until you can get them in unnoticed.

Dying to wear that new outfit you just purchased?  Show restraint!  Put the clothes in your closet for a few weeks.  When you finally wear it and your husband’s eyebrows scrutinize and ask, “Is that new?”  You can say, “Honey, I’ve had this forever.

When she grocery shops, Sonia uses the debit card.  Then she can get cash back for a different purchase she really wants other than oranges.

One husband says, “I hate when Sally and Sonia get together and start whispering!  Ugh.  Sonia is such an enabler.”

Sometime you have to pull out:  “You want me to look nice don’t you?”

When you go shopping together, make sure your husband buys something first or suggest a few things while shopping together. Then, later on, he’ll feel obligated for you to get something as well.

Sometimes it’s not entirely fair.  For the majority of families that I know, the woman is the one who does all the shopping – food, clothes, snow pants, home decor, paint, hair brushes, sticky tack, cleaning supplies, floss, etc. etc.  All those things add up.  And when you have to go to Target to buy toilet paper and pencils, and THAT’s IT, and there is that adorable dress you simply must  have or your child would look soooo cute in…  Oh, the spending temptations are everywhere!

Have you ever used one of the above statements?  Have any other good ones?

And who exactly are these women?  Oh, I’ll never tell.



  • Cassandra says:

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  • kimmalee says:

    Now I’ve had the guilty feelings post-purchase with the best of them but I hope I never get that extreme. As long as I spread out my purchases for myself and don’t go overboard, I don’t feel guilty about it. While working at Janie and Jack, however, I met several of these types of women. One had me spread her ridiculously expensive purchase on 4 different cards so it wouldn’t look as bad and couldn’t be as easily traced to one purchase. Oh I get such a crack out of those ladies. So sneaky.

  • Debbie Brown says:

    My mom’s friend had her washer/dryer in the garage. She used to put her new purchases in the dryer and then bring them in with all the laundry and just put them away.

    My dad was a workaholic, so my mom would just make sure they were hung up in her closet before he got home. She now has 3 closets full of clothes!!

  • GrannyLanny says:

    I want to see a picture or your new haircut!

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