This and That in December

By December 13, 2010 One Comment

1. Cope is starting to “borrow” my clothes.  I can never seem to find my tank tops…and then they’re on her floor!  While this reminds me of myself in junior high, borrowing my sister’s clothing without asking, it is rather annoying to be on the receiving end!  What is nice?  Getting sick of something and passing it along to my daughter.  Some things are still too big, but my shirts are starting to fit!  I can’t tell you how weird this feels.

2.  Working hard to avoid the “Christmas Panic.”  Trying to create Christmas “magic” for children.  On the mind:  Getting the Christmas cards out, delivering goodies to neighbors, teachers, primary teachers, etc., Getting packages in the mail!  Taking the children’s annual Target photo – haven’t even made the appt! and the worry of:  Did I get the kids enough?  vs. are they getting too much?

3.  Loving the Christmas music.  Home, car, everywhere.  I love it.

4.  1st year ever, I bought the Christmas candles to put in windows at night.  I love to come home to a dark home with lit candles.  Love it.

5.  I want to start having a monthly interview with each child.  Sit down with a notebook and check in with them. As they are getting older and more busy I really have to make a much bigger effort to know what is going on with them.  Ask:  How are they doing physically?  Emotionally?  Socially?  Spiritually?  Goals they want to set, etc.  Tell them to ask before borrowing my stuff!

6.  Just got new snow tires on the car:  $576 later and I feel slightly ill.

7.  Why haven’t I heard back from Shadow Mountain Press about my story?  It’s been over eight weeks.

8.  I really really like Kate Middleton.

9.  I’m excited for church on Sunday, the Sunday before Christmas, because there is going to be tons of Christmas music and I’m going to sing in the choir with Cope.  I know I will feel so happy and not want to be anywhere else.

10.  I’m amping up my vocabulary.  Perhaps each post I should use a new word.  For instance, lilliputian: extremely small; tiny; diminutive. 


One Comment

  • Lindsey says:

    love this post!
    crazy that cope is borrowing your clothes and i love the idea of interviewing each child every month! do it!

    (sorry this comment is so random…typing with a sleeping baby on my chest – best feeling ever!)

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