Today and Yesterday and Maybe Tomorrow

By August 12, 2010 2 Comments

1.  We just got back from school shopping – what fun!  The kids didn’t need clothes though I’d love to outfit them all in Land’s End.  I drool over the catalogs.  But they each got a new backpack with some school supplies.  Cope used her own money to buy a certain under-the-shirt item 🙂 and two shirts and a belt.  I gave in to the begging from Brynne and bought her a new froggy lunch box she did not need.  Nelson was very happy with his backpack but was put out when I refused to buy him the large LL Bean pocket knife to take to school.  (???)

2.  My brother-in-law Curt always says, “Kids will always punish you for doing something nice for them.” I didn’t really understand this until thinking about all the fun trips we take only to hear constant whining, fighting and complaining.  I think my kids are good kids but sometimes…

3.  Yesterday we took a trip to the ocean.  LOVE the ocean.  I would be very happy living by the sea.

4.  We used our boogie boards for the first time hitting the big waves.  I’ve never had so much fun with the waves.  Now Cope and I want surf boards.  Gregor still prefers to body surf.

5.  Shaving your legs right before a big ocean trip is perhaps not the wisest.  Salt.

6.  Ice-cold New England ocean waves are a great post-run ice bath.  Truly!

7.  Besides my children and ONE 60-year old woman, I was the only girl in a one piece bathing suit.

8.  Fish and chips is a great way to end an ocean trip.  Then some ice-cream.

9.  I was so mad when I went to take ocean pictures and my battery was still plugged into the wall at home!

10.  Tomorrow my friend Maryn is taking me on a 13 miler.  Long runs are probably the most important training run every week when training for a 1/2 or full marathon. The problem is my longest run has been an 8.  I’ve been dreaming of it, obsessing over it, feeling anxious about it all day.  5:30 a.m.  Wanna come?  GU will be my friend.  



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