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Earth Day

By April 23, 2010 7 Comments

I live in this tiny town in New Hampshire, population about 2000.  It doesn’t feel too small to me since we’re at Proctor so much and it keeps us so busy.  But when we have a break, I like the retreat of our small town.  I always thought I’d live in the suburbs.  But I live here:  Next to cows.

And the big black horse…

Throw a couple lambs in for good measure please.  They’re so cute your children will beg and beg until you almost give in.  Must stay strong.

Today Earth Day turns 40.  I don’t recall celebrating it much growing up, but it’s a big deal here.  It’s grown on me.  Because shouldn’t we all treat the earth well?  Shouldn’t we all recycle?  It’s gotten so easy to do I feel extremely guilty when I throw a plastic bottle in the trash.  I’ve learned a lot by living in a small town where compost, eggs, and ‘ecological sustainability’ are frequent conversation pieces.  Is it that way everywhere?  I wouldn’t know!  I like that we care.  I’m 30 minutes away from a mall and 25 minutes away from my favorite grocery store and it’s okay.  I think it’s good for us.

What I’d like even more is if you’d come live by me.  We do need more children on the street.  We could go for walks, talk about the earth, ponder compost together.

Here is Mr. Goody’s house.  I don’t want him to move because he’s the best neighbor, but he keeps asking if we want to buy it.  He’s getting older and has too much to take care of.  Would you like 40 or so acres?  Let me talk up this house!  BIG family house where his 5 girls were raised.  I wish we could buy it.  Blueberry, raspberry bushes galore!  Pear trees, garden space, a big huge barn that’s RED.

Mr. Goody isn’t selling quite yet but our other neighbors are.  You could live practically across the street from us, right next to the donkeys!  Your kids will be in heaven.  Eeeee-haw.  Here’s the link:  HERE.  Make an offer!  I’ll babysit when you need your mall fix.

Here’s a magazine my mother has dropped off.  It’s amazing.  I love it.  It’s all about being more sustainable.  Live on 1/10th of an acre?  You can still have a garden.  Want to keep city-centric chickens?  Build a trellis?  Make cheese?  Here you have it.  

This book was featured in the above magazine and I’m dying to get my hands on it.  The jacket cover says:  If you ever considered quitting your job to plant tomatoes, read to a child, pursue creative work, can green beens and heal the planet, this is your book.

Are you intrigued?  I laughed when I read it because is this that radical?  What a cycle we’ve gone through.  Women have so many many opportunities now – so thankful for that!  But now it’s a “radical” thing to stay home?

The author, Shannon Hayes, felt that the common beliefs around the concept of ‘homemakers’ – that they were bored, depressed, unfulfilled and not contributing to society needed a facelift.  Huh?  Is that what society thinks of homemakers?  Are these the Desperate Housewives?  or those other reality shows about “housewives” that totally aren’t?  Those aren’t the homemakers I saw growing up.  Not even close.

I can easily go into a tailspin thinking about going back to work.  How do I find a job (outside of working at my kid’s school) that allows me to be with them when they’re not in school?  An 8-2:30 job with school vacations, summer breaks, and sick days?  What if I didn’t go back to work.  I could plant tomatoes, can, and raise goats.  Hmmm.  Full-time?  I don’t know.  But I do want to find a way to stay home and earn a little money.  So I’ll find the book and read it.  I’ll return and give the review.

Now I must say good-bye, feed the chickens, and eat some Friendly’s Forbidden Chocolate Ice-Cream.  Because a happy Amy is a much better contributor to society.

Carry on earthlings…



  • Lindsey says:

    Gregor suggested we buy the house across the street…I suggested he get me a raise…the conversation ended there…but the idea has not.

  • Debbie Brown says:

    Andy and I were drooling at the house for sale – but $349 is not in our budget. Tell Mr. Goody to hang in there for a few more years and then we’d LOVE to talk to him! Maybe (once we move back) we can do some sweat equity for him – start taking care of the lawn in the summer, snow removal in the winter – oh dear, I’m SUCH a dreamer!

  • I’m tempted with the goats…can you imagine me in the Hampshires?
    Does proctor need an amazing drama teacher?

  • Lindsey says:

    That is weird…I was just signing on to comment and apparently I already did! haha…that was scott above. I was going to say that we already drove by that house and looked it up online and dreamed about how fun it would be to be neighbors! Now we just need to strike it rich! Although maybe we’ll wait and save up for Mr. Goody’s house – that’s like my dream home!

  • kimmalee says:

    Yes I would love to move into that house. So beautiful! If only Glenn could find an oil job in Andover… Hmmm. I’m excited for a review of that book. I can’t imagine not staying home with my kiddo. But I haven’t thought very far ahead to what I will do when they’re all in school. That is a puzzlement.

  • Sure! I could come teach Petroleum Geology at Proctor! I’m sure I would be welcomed with open arms…. I guess Pittsburgh will have to be close enough in the short-term…

  • Jacks says:

    Yes please. Clin and I will move right next door. As long as I’m only required to walk, not run. And as long as someone else (outside of our family) takes care of the yard. AND as long as no animals are included with the purchase.

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