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Excitement is in the air as April vacation hits the Makechnie household.  The week has filled up amazingly fast.  We have some appointments but no major (bathroom!) projects.  Lots of downtime.  And lots of time for a personal favorite:  Reading.  Here are a small sampling of my favorite children’s books:

I love this book.  Read it to your child but be prepared to begin sobbing half-way through…and at the end.  And everytime thereafter.  Love that Robert Munch!

The simplicity is so nice.  All my kids love Harold, esp. the 3 and 5 year old.

A classic for a reason.  The words are so simple but they will make your kindergartner feel SO smart.  A great book to learn to READ.  Repetition is key.

A fun and original book.

The true story of when 3 yr. old Sarah Whitcher got lost in the New Hampshire woods in the 1800s.  Kids stay fascinated.  Well-written and historical angle is great.

Quite possibly my favorite book on serving others.  For children or adults.

Oh Despereaux!  My brave and courageous mouse.  Heroes, princesses, knighthood.  Oh it’s so good.

Loved this book somewhere around the age of 10-12.  Wasn’t prepared for the heartbreak.  Really good.
Maybe you’ve read them all, maybe you haven’t heard of any of them.  But I hope you and your child find many hours in a cozy corner reading and loving the magical world of books.
Here’s to April vacation 2010.  Where lots of reading will happen. (Cause I have a new book too :)!!


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