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I’m Liking…

By April 14, 2010 2 Comments

1.  Taylor Swift.  Wasn’t a fan but Cope persisted and now she’s on my ipod – a lot.  It’s pretty funny to put the CD in the car and the whole family breaks out singing…”She wears short skirts, I wear t-shirts, she’s cheer captain and I’m on the bleachers.”  Or is that bad?  Some of the lines make me laugh. Very teenage dramatic angst.  Ok, I love it.  Esp. when Gregor shrieks, “WE BOTH CRIED!!!!”  You know that line?  Oh man.

2.  My new fleece-lined L.L. Bean slippers from Becky.  She gives me the BEST cast-offs.  Oh, she also gave the latest People Magazine.  See what I mean?  The BEST!

3.  Bribing my children with Peanut M&Ms at the piano.  Newly discovered trick.  Lay 4 on the piano seat.  Every time they play a particularly hard line or song, pop one in their mouth.  They’ll smile the rest of the way through the song!  And if you say, “Good job sweet little piglet” in a baby voice they”ll say, “MOM!” and act really annoyed but they’ll smile anyway and you’ll know you’re bonding at the piano instead of hating each other.

4.  The invisible fence.  Newly set-up.  Left from previous owners.  We only had to pay for collar.  Sweet deal.  Poor little Tenny got zapped twice today but previous owner had two dogs hit and killed.  A scenario I want to avoid.  I’m excited if it works and then Tenny can run free without me chasing him every single day.  Let me repeat:  Every Single Day.

5.  Wicked!  It’s coming to Boston!

6.  That Irene from King Arthur Flour left a comment on previous post.  Probably b/c she has a feed that tells her when someone mentions KAF flour, so sorry Irene if you are getting another feed b/c I just wrote it again, but I was flattered.  And I’ll plug it again – It’s REALLY good flour!

The End.



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