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By December 7, 2008 5 Comments

Four random things about my husband:

He chose the color orange for our kitchen
He is extremely sensitive to “sounds”
He uses my cast-off hair gels
He loves shopping as much as I do
Movies I could watch more than once:
Top Gun
Gone With the Wind
Tommy Boy
Last of the Mohicans
TV shows I watch:
Care Bears
Eli Stone
Desperate Housewives
Places I have been:
In love (and still…)
People who email me regularly:
Favorite meals/foods:
Trader Joe’s indian packets
Mike’s famous eclairs
Gregor’s steak and shrimp birthday meals
Friendly’s Forbidden Chocolate ice-cream
Places I would like to visit:
SLC for Christmas ’08
Things I’m looking forward to:
Gregor finishing his thesis!
Makechnie Christmas cooking-making express
Sleeping tonight
Summer/Fall 1/2 marathons
Some of the best books I’ve read:
The Book of Mormon
Strengthening the Family
Plain Truth
To Kill a Mockingbird
People I tag:
Mary Nelson
Debbie Brown
Natalie Jardine
Jen Tingey


  • As I recall, your Gregor also has a very sensitive sense of “smell” (as I remember him gagging over Cope’s diapers…)

  • kimmalee says:

    So fun to find out little details about you guys through these random tags. I didn’t know you were married to such a sensitive man. I didn’t know he picked the color for your kitchen. These Makechnie men…always something new.

  • Emmy says:

    Amazing. Ben also has very keen senses (especially sound and smell)!
    However, he does NOT like to shop. To enjoy shopping I usually must go alone.
    Great blog! You did such a fun background.
    And, you have at least planted a desire in me to start running regularly again. I desire to be a runner….but am not ready to move into action yet. (The cold and dark really turn me off…)
    We need to come visit sometime here soon.

  • I’m not sure I know how to feel about my brother’s love of shopping. I can’t stand it myself. In and out. Get what I want and leave.

  • I loved reading your “tagged”. I think I’m going to do it! You are such a great woman, Amy- I’m glad to have you in my life!

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