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Hurt so good

By November 24, 2008 11 Comments

See all that snow?  I went out anyway….one of my best runs ever…

Here’s my friend Sarah.  Mother of four.  Pediatrician.  Nope, no excuses from this girl.

Patrick’s foot after the New Hampshire marathon.  After he finished he said, “That was terrible!”

Nelson and Cope after the Black Fly Blitz – a local 5K, named after the legendary black flies that are ten times worse than mosquitoes.

Run Copey Run!

The word RUN is synonymous with:  bolt, career, course, gallop, haste, hasten, hie, hurry, lope, post, race…and the list goes on and on…

Bet you just had a TON of yummy Thanksgiving food – I did and it was awesome!  I love the holidays but when Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas comes, so does cold weather.  I hate being cold.  Even the thought of running outside is hideous – even though I know I’ll warm up in five freezing minutes.  So I eat a lot of pie and don’t run.  My motivation is kryogenically frozen. Last spring, when New Hampshire was thawing I stepped outside and started to hasten.  Yikes, I felt slow and out of shape.  It took me all spring and summer to get back my base.  So this year, I’m determined to keep my base all winter long. 
Are you interested?  Keep reading…if not, well my next post just might be on that next piece of pie…
Why do I love running?  It makes me hurt so good!  Endorphins are released, my brain clears, I’m less crabby, I get stronger, and it only requires some shoes.  Anyone can run.
Want to keep your base?  Here’s how:
Mon 30-45 min with strides (sprint every once in awhile)
Tues rest/day off
Wed 30-45 min with strides
Thurs 30-45 min
Fri rest/day off
Sat long run:  60-90 min
Sun rest/day off
That’s for a beginner.  Even though I’ve been running my whole life, I’m often just trying to keep up with this program.  Outdoors, treadmill, the bike, an elliptical machine will work. As the famous Nike slogan goes…Just Do It.


  • I find myself below “beginner” status these days. Sad for an ex-athlete type like me. Awesome pics of the house, though. Makes me miss home.

  • I have to say.. your home is what I dream of! Look at all that land, not to mention the Fall trees! I’m drooling! YOu’re making me homesick for it (even though I’ve never been there)

  • Alli Rae says:

    Awesome post… makes me sad that I can’t run right now. I guess run is a strong word for me b/c I’m more of a light jogger. Anyway, my right knee AND my right ankle are giving me problems and all I can do is weights and the bike. UGH. Its never the same as jogging. Oh well, I’ll figure it out, rest up and get back in shape soon, I hope!

  • kimmalee says:

    I find myself below “beginner” status every day! You guys are so inspiring. I need to be much better than I am. Your home is beautiful and it was so great to see your little ones for just a couple of days. I love your blog!

  • Debbie says:

    Yes! Yes! You described running so well! My training for this winter is similar to yours, I’m focusing on speed and strength – as a newbie it’s a good place to start! Running is such an honest sport – it brings be closer to Heavenly Father and more in tune with myself. Not to mention I LOVE the way my body is changing – lost 45 pounds and counting, and I’m actually getting muscles again!! Hurt so good!

  • Hmmm, not feeling it. I will think of you when I eat my cheese and crackers. Wait… Patrick’s foot put me off both food and running. Maybe we’ll get a Wii for Christmas so I can go bowling in the privacy of my own house.

  • Annaca says:

    Your blog looks great, your house is darling and your kids are adorable! It will be fun to see pics and hear what you guys are up to. We run a bit, too. Trav averages about 40 to 50 miles a week, I’m more of a 15 to 20 kind of gal (and can easily slip to 0 miles week with something as simple as the change of the wind). Running is good for mind, body and spirit, but so is pie!!

  • Wish we lived closer I could use a running partner for my half marathons!

  • Wish we lived closer I could use a running partner for my half marathons!

  • Wish we lived closer I could use a running partner for my half marathons!

  • Wish we lived closer I could use a running partner for my half marathons!

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